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3 Reasons To Try Tribal Active Nutrition Energy Smoothies

Tribal Active Nutrition have launched energy smoothies and this is something we here at Gymfluencers had to try and review for our users. Smoothies are an ever growing trend in this industry but often fall behind shakes, powders, bars and other leading health snacks. We have already overcome the idea of smoothies being difficult and costly thanks to frozen fruit which makes a morning smoothie easy to make, so why do we need a 100G squeeze pack energy smoothie from Tribal Active Nutrition? The 3 reasons to try Tribal Active Nutrition Energy Smoothie are clear: Taste, price and sustainability.

When it comes to popular energy smoothies or those claiming to be so the failure has always been in the added sugar, artificial colours and not containing the level of vitamins and minerals a fruit juice should. Other known brands include Noka, Daily Harvest, Innocent and Suja. None of them have however gone into the sports packaging and made for sports people route. Plastic bottles are gone and in come what can be best described as a drinks pouch with the perk being you can chuck these in your backpack and hit the open roads. Less chance of spills, splits and not being left with a big plastic bottle which may not be able to be recycled.

About The Company

Delving into the history of Tribal we checked out their website TribalActive.CO.UK and you instantly know what they are all about: Sports! Rugby, cycling, competition spots and spartan lead the charge. Seeing they are stocked in leading supermarkets and have been featured in the likes of Cycling Weekly also confirms that this is a company who are serious about what they do and are here to stay.

The key ingredient and what’s behind Tribal Active is Baobab. A sustainable fruit sourced from Africa. Baobab comes from hard pods that hang upside-down from trees and is typically found in powder form, from when the fruit has been dried and ground. Baobab fruit benefits include being rich in Vitamins and Minerals, aids weight loss, makes consumers feel full, balances blood sugar levels and is high in fibre. It’s simply a superfood that we don’t see enough of.

Founded by Chris Martin his true inspiration for creating Tribal Active was to support the communities that harvest and bring us Baobab. After seeing first hand how valued this fruit is in African culture and learning of it’s nutritional benefits that he could create something that helped fuel athletes, provide energy and also pack a punch of antioxidants, micronutrients, fibre, vitamins, minerals and prebiotics into a 100g on the go smoothie and that’s exactly what he did.

Now certified by The Organic Food Federation, EcoCert and FSC you have finally found a sustainable and friendly brand that care about their customers, their suppliers and the generations surrounding their ingredients. The Tribal Spirit is ‘Harnessing the power of nature to develop nourished foods and communities inspired by the African super fruit, baobab’. Not a faceless brand that’s for sure.


The 100g Tribal Active Nutrition Energy Smoothies are available in 4 flavours: Organic Morello Cherry and Baobad, Organic Mango and Baobab, Organic Pineapple and Baobab and Organic Red Berries and Baobab (coming soon). We have been lucky enough to taste Cherry, Mango and Pineapple and not only were they delicious my first thought was “wow that was easy to drink”.

Each flavour is different which sounds obvious but if you have tasted as many sports supplements and drinks as we have then you will know that many manufacturers use the same flavour profile for different drinks. That is not the case here. Mango is light and refreshing, Pineapple is more like a tasty sweet and Morello Cherry provides a slightly sour note which gives you that real sweet treat feeling.

Easy to drink

This is the BONUS of these. The 100g pouches can be consumed instantly before, during or after sport for for any occasion without you feeling like you are swallowing thick gritty smoothies or leaving you feeling full or sick after. This is an energy drink afteral and it’s meant to lift you up and not put you down. I feel fantastic after drinking mine and I even hopped straight into a HIIT workout. I felt engaged, hydrated and 2 hours on I can still taste a little of that sour Morello Cherry which is keeping me itching for another one…not until tomorrow!

Nutritional Facts (per 100g):


If you are looking for an energy drink that contains nothing harmful, is packed with goodness and stands for a good cause then Tribal Active Nutrition Energy Smoothies are for you. Go for the Morello Cherry also…it’s delicious.

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