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5 Free Vitamins and Minerals You Need

When it comes to what vitamins and minerals and do the simple fact is if used correctly they can boost your health instantly and for relatively low cost. Being deficient in certain vitamins and minerals can easily be solved by taking a personalised consultation on Vitl which then creates a tailor-made package of vitamins and minerals that are perfect for you.

The cost of vitamins and minerals varies from companies and what product you are buying. A good 30 capsule bottle of vitamins averages at £9.99. Vitamins are now also available for Vegans which may come at a premium cost.

Free vitamins and minerals are not easy to come across but here at Gymfluencers we have teamed up with Vitl who are one of the world leaders in this field and are now not only offering a Free Online Consultation but also your first batch of vitamins free of charge (RRP £14.95). Use code GFFREE when at checkout to claim this free vitamins offer.

If you are still unsure on what you need here is a list of some top used vitamins and their functions:

Vitamin CProtein metabolism and helps immune system.
Vitamin B12Needed to make new cells and aids nerve function development.

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