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vitl vitamin d

50% OFF Vitl Vitamin D

Not getting enough sunshine? Not to worry, allow us to introduce your daily dose of sunshine, the Vitl Vitamin D soft gel capsules.

Although exposure to direct sunlight is the primary way of getting Vitamin D, it’s not unusual to find many people deficient in this essential vitamin. If you’re over a year old, taking a minimum of 10µg of vitamin D daily is essential. Vitl has got you covered as your partner in fostering a healthy life.

While vitamins-rich foods keep you healthy, it’s not enough to get you the daily required dose of Vitamin D. The Vitl Vitamin D supports healthy bones, muscles, and teeth and helps you maintain a healthy immune system.

vitl vitamin d

If you’re vegan, this vegan-friendly supplement is without artificial sweeteners, bulking agents, fillers, preservatives and artificial colouring. Also, it’s highly absorbable, giving you 1000iu (25μg) of Vitamin D.

Getting the minimum daily required dose of Vitamin D is possible with Vitl. You can take the capsules with food or right after eating. It doesn’t have an appalling taste, nor does it leave an aftertaste.

Get all the benefits of Vitamin D with Vitl. Head to the online store now and grab yourself a bottle.

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