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Interview with Jamie Wykes-Hobday, FITFCK Founder

A Conversation With Jamie Wykes-Hobday, The Founder Of FITFCK

If you’re plugged into the online fitness community you’ll have noticed a recent spike in videos outing ‘gym creeps’ for chucking out a few rogue looks, shooting their shot, or generally just trying to be helpful. 

And unless you’d like to end up on someone’s TikTok and, inevitably, Joey Swoll’s social media then it’s a much safer bet to rely on FITFCK in your search for a soulmate. 

For those of you who don’t know, FITFCK is a new dating app launching at the end of March designed specifically to help gym-goers find like-minded matches while also providing a community space for members to share their love of all things active. 

As part of our new founders series, we sat down with the brains of the operation, Jamie Wykes-Hobday, to talk business, dating, social media, exes, and everything in between. 

The Birth Of FITFCK

Before we go any further I should probably address the sizeable elephant in the room – the name. Now I know what you’re thinking, but it really isn’t as cheeky as it sounds. 

Well actually, it kind of is, although it’s pronounced FIT-eff-see-kay. Jamie first thought of the idea after being dumped by his partner in the lead-up to a bodybuilding competition. 

She was apparently fed up feeling like she came second behind the gym and his fitness routine. The split obviously didn’t do much to dent his confidence, however. 

When asked who came up with the name, he replied: “Yours truly, because I am FIT as FCK. I am also incredibly modest.”

Interview with Jamie Wykes-Hobday, FITFCK Founder

Jamie quickly realised he could turn what was originally a negative situation into a positive one, by tapping into a market of gym-devoted singles who value time spent in the weights room as much as quality time at home. 

Now, he has just one simple message for his ex: “Please give me my Nike tracksuit back…”

His boyish charm and business nouse is no surprise considering his idols include provocative YouTube star Jake Paul and billionaire hedge fund manager Michael Platt. 

He said: “I feel that Jake Paul’s disruptive approach towards the boxing space is incredibly smart and each move strategic. Whether you like him or hate him, people are talking about him free of cost. I also say it takes a lot of cojones to get in the boxing ring so fair play to the man.”

Speaking on Platt, he added: “Despite not being in the health and fitness space – he is someone that I really look up to in the business world.”

In the fitness realm, Jamie revealed he is a big fan, and member, of Third Space. The app allows users to book and manage classes on the move as well as provide access to a full library of workout videos and programmes. 

Providing a typically tongue-in-cheek answer on why it’s a brand he admires, he joked: “I have just joined with my COO and hopefully the shoutout will gain me a month’s free membership?!”

Speaking of members, Jamie has made it clear he wants to ensure FITFCK’s are genuine fitness fanatics. Explaining why in a characteristically no-holds-barred fashion, he said: “For me, a fitness enthusiast is someone looking to better themselves mentally and physically by going to the gym. 

“Are we saying that you have to have a six-pack and 2% body fat to be on our platform? No. But are we saying you have to go to the gym? Yes. Because that’s our niche and that makes sense. And if people find that elitist, then so be it.”

Founder Q&A 👀 | OnlyFans Founder 🤑 | Event Hook Ups 😈 | Future Plans..

Financing FITFCK 

Jamie remained tight-lipped about how much he has spent so far scaling the FITFCK brand, but he has already managed to attract some big-name investors. 

Among them is OnlyFans founder Tim Stokely, who pumped in an undisclosed amount last year, reportedly amplifying the business’s value to more than £3m. 

Financing FITFCK 

Stokely has had a fine few years thanks to the rapid expansion of OnlyFans, with the platform easily one of the most talked about on social media. 

While FITFCK will involve users being slightly more clothed than OnlyFans, Stokely clearly sees similar potential in the platform. 

Speaking previously, he said: “I’m delighted to announce my investment in FITFCK. Having known Jamie for over three years now; his vision, drive and determination coupled with the brand concept is something that I fully believe in.”

Naturally, Stokely’s investment was a pretty big deal, and Jamie has had to field a lot of questions about the prominent entrepreneur’s involvement. 

However, he insisted he is “forever grateful” to Stokely for lending both his name and money to support FITFCK’s ongoing journey.

“Building a multi-billion pound business is no fluke,” he continued. “Tim’s advice and experience in the GenZ/Millennial direct-to-consumer space have been very helpful towards our growth. I am forever grateful for not only his capital but his name being involved in the brand.”

But Stokely isn’t the only one to have backed the business. Gaming YouTubers Sam Harry and Martin Wood, AKA Chaotic and SXVXN have also all invested in the project.

The plan is for FITFCK to evolve over time to be more than a dating app. It has already shown its potential as a community space for fitness lovers, with events and meet-ups attracting lots of interest. 

We asked whether more of the same was to come over the course of this year, and if so, whether we could snag a few invites.

“Of course, you can,” he said. “We will be expanding our events outside of London this year as well as some hosting international events in quarter 3! I am honestly so excited to expand and develop our community as much as possible in 2023.”

Aside from that, Jamie is also planning to drop merchandise, an energy drink, and also dive deeper into the world of online content creation with a podcast, YouTube channel, and TikTok account. Oh, and did I mention he’s targeting 1m users before the year is out?

So, now we’ve set the scene, I think it’s time you heard a little more from the man with big plans. If you want to learn more about FITFCK, check out our post on Everything you need to know about FITFCK.

Questions with FITCCK’s Founder

What has been the scariest moment so far building FITFCK? 

Probably a two-year legal trademark battle with a global fashion brand due to our name being slightly similar to theirs….That is all I can say.

What are the current challenges the business is facing and how do you overcome them? 

The app! Building an app is never easy but fortunately, we now have developers who are also shareholders in the business. It is in their best interest and ours to make the user experience truly FIT as FCK.

The most exciting part of your working day? 

Interview with Jamie Wykes-Hobday, FITFCK Founder

Believe it or not, receiving messages from the FITFCK community. I love speaking and engaging with members on a daily basis to see what they think etc. You get the occasional negative message but even then, they are positives as I can use them to improve our overall user experience.

If an investor had a dating profile, what 3 attributes would you look the most for? 

Actually having the capital, a social media presence, and for them to be mentally and emotionally invested in the brand before they actually invest their money.

Merch! With such an already iconic brand name how soon can we see it plastered over gym apparel and accessories? 

Soon! However, our main focuses right now are the app, energy drink, events, podcast and upcoming A Round for investors. Never a dull day!

If you could own any other health and fitness brand in the industry which would it be and why? 

None. I wouldn’t trade my shoes for anyone else. Wishing and thinking this is a very unhealthy mentality to get into, I feel. 

Without funding, FITFCK would currently be… 

It would be developing still due to our impressive organic community growth.

One thing you HATE about the industry? 

Warming up with 60kg on the bench press. We need to normalise 100kg as the warm-up weight.

What 3 tips would you give to someone creating a dating profile? 

Be open and honest about what you want, arguments always start due to blurred lines. Use recent pictures, don’t be a catfish! And guys, try and sneak in a photo of a dog. Works every time!

IG or TikTok? 

Despite having more followers on Instagram, I am really liking TikTok at the moment. I suspect my opinion may change, however, if they do some wacky algorithm change like all platforms seem to do every other week at the moment!

Advice for creators?

For a brand like yours, influencer marketing is one of the most important keys to growth. If inspiring creators out there are wanting to work with you what 3 key criteria will you be looking for? 

Don’t be scared to be different, invest in a high-quality camera, and try to show that you actually care about the brand and this isn’t just a quick ‘buck’ (£££) to you.

Your favourite protein bar? 

Probably anything by Aldi or Lidl. Parting ways with £5 for a chocolate bar with protein in it never seems right to me.

What’s one question you wished we asked and what’s the answer? 

Can I take you out for dinner? My answer is yes but I don’t come cheap, darling.

Open floor: What do you want to say to our audience?

Please download and sign up for the app when it is released at the end of March!

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