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kell brook and amir khan

Amir Khan and Kell Brook Put The Old Days Behind Them

Former professional boxer Amir Khan and British ex-professional boxer Kell Brook were spotted together at a recent boxing match. Speaking to talkSPORTS Gareth, the two boxers who went head-to-head with each other in the ring in a fierce match said they’re forming a friendship and there’s no hostility between them.

When asked if they’ve had a cup of tea together, Brook responded that although they’ve not sat down to have tea, they’ve had coffee and have come to support boxing fans together. On the other hand, Khan looked happy to see Brook saying it had been a while since the duo were together, and it felt good to hang out with him off the ring.

"WE'RE NOT FRIENDS, BUT THERE'S RESPECT!" Kell Brook & Amir Khan speak to talkSPORT Boxing! 🥊

While the fight between Khan and Brook happened two years back, Khan admitted it feels much longer than that, and he and Brook have gone past their feud. According to him, the fight has been done, and what’s important is showing support to boxing fans. 

Brook added, saying he and Khan have great respect for each other, and they aren’t beefing with each other. According to Brook, boxing is a sport that thrives on respect, and that’s how things are between him and Khan. They’re enjoying life and couldn’t ask for anything more.

Asking whether he intends to return to boxing, Khan responded to Gareth saying he’s done with boxing and is doing other important things with his life. Amir Khan retired from professional boxing last year with several titles to his name.

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