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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Diet Secrets Include 6 meals per day and pizza.

Christiano Ronaldo is considered to be the greatest athlete of his generation thanks to his footballing achievements which include 781 career goals for club and country, 32 trophies and being awarded the Ballon d’Or award four times in 2008, 2016, 2017 and 2020.

Cristiano ronaldo

Recently Cristiano Ronaldo revealed his diet which includes up to 6 meals per day and pizza. The meals include high protein, wholegrain carbs, low fat and he makes sure to avoid sugary foods and drinks including Coca Cola which he recently snubbed live on air during his Euro 2021 post match interview which resulted in Coca Cola shares dropping £2.85Billion in value.

'Drink water': Ronaldo removes Coca-Cola bottles in press conference

At 36 years old Ronaldo is in the best shape of his life which is not all down to his diet. He also preaches a healthy lifestyle and intense training regime which involves cardio and weight training along with Yoga, Pilates and stretching. You will also find a £50,000 cryotherapy tank in his homes to aid in recovery.

Cristiano ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo’s favourite meal is a Portuguese staple Bacalhau a Bras, which is scrambled eggs combined with fried potatoes and salt cod. Fresh fish features throughout his favourite meals and is one of his top tips to get high protein and low fat into every meal. For cheat days he choose pizza which he always tries to enjoy at home with his son.

Cristiano ronaldo

Being teetotal since 2005 Christian Ronaldo prefers to drink fruit smoothies over any alcoholic beverage. This choice is not only due to health factors but sadly due to the death of his father Dinis Aveiro who passed away in 2005 following a battle with alcohol.

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