Extra 15% OFF Lions Prep Discount Code
Extra 15% OFF Lions Prep Discount Code

Extra 15% OFF Lions Prep Discount Code

Extra 15% OFF


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Use our Extra 15% off Lions Prep Discount Code GYMFLUENCERS30 to save 30% off your 1st box and 15% off your 2nd, 3rd and 4th boxes.

Lions Prep, the innovative food delivery service, offers a wide range of personalised meal plans that are as unique as the customers they serve. Leveraging their expertise in nutrition and culinary arts, the company tailors each box to the specific dietary requirements, preferences, and goals of its customers.

With the flexibility to choose between a low carb or balanced diet, and protein options ranging from meat and fish to vegan meals, Lions Prep ensures every customer enjoys a unique gastronomic experience. This company goes beyond simply delivering food—it creates a culinary experience, custom-crafted for the dietary needs and lifestyle of each individual.

The company provides two types of meal plans: the 3-Day Meal Plan and the 5/6-Day Meal Plan. The 3-Day Meal Plan offers customers the convenience of having their meals for the week delivered all at once, either on a Wednesday or Sunday. Alternatively, for those who prefer more frequent fresh food deliveries, Lions Prep also offers the 5/6-Day Meal Plan, which delivers meals over two days a week.

A particularly standout feature of Lions Prep’s offering is the ability for customers to modify their orders up to three days before each delivery. This feature gives them the flexibility to amend their meal choices based on their changing needs or preferences. For those who prefer a more hands-off approach, the company’s smart system can take care of the meal selection based on a customer’s meal plan settings, allergens, and dietary requirements.

Not just content with revolutionizing the meal delivery industry with its personalised and convenient service, Lions Prep also prioritizes sustainability in its operations. The company has replaced its previous recyclable denim insulation and bubble wrap with a paper-based, compostable solution. This eco-friendly packaging not only lessens the environmental impact but also enhances the delivery experience by keeping the meals cooler.

Ordering from Lions Prep is a straightforward process that starts with the creation of a customer’s first weekly plan on the company’s online platform. Every delivery day, customers receive a text indicating their delivery time slot. For customers who might not be around to receive their package, Lions Prep provides the option of leaving the package in a pre-determined safe place.

Lions Prep’s meals are designed to be convenient, only requiring three minutes to heat up. The company’s menu includes a variety of healthy breakfasts, snacks, and mains, allowing customers to enjoy nutritious, delicious meals without the hassle of preparation or cleaning.

Finally, Lions Prep puts customers in full control of their meal plans, with an easy-to-navigate account management platform. Customers can add meals to their plans, skip deliveries when needed, and view their order history among other features, ensuring a truly personalized meal planning experience.

With Lions Prep, personalized meal planning is not only simple but also sustainable, transforming the way people approach food delivery and nutrition.

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