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Erling Haaland Fitness Biohacks

The latest episode on Logan Paul’s IMPAULSIVE saw Manchester City striker and Norwegian professional footballer Erling Haaland, as a guest, speaking on his ultimate fitness biohacks. According to Haaland, he utilizes biomechanics to improve his performance.

Beginning with sleep, Haaland stressed the importance of a good night’s rest, saying he prioritizes his sleep and even wears anti-blu ray glasses three hours before bed. By blocking external signals, he can get a good sleep, feeling refreshed and energized for the new day. 

He also stressed the importance of doing the little things to get long-term results. He said he puts in the effort to get enough rest and has made it a lifestyle. When Paul talked about taping his nose to ensure he sleeps and breathes better at night, Haaland stated taping his mouth shut to sleep does it for him. He breathes through his nose with his mouth taped, allowing for a deeper and restorative sleep.

Best Soccer Player Alive Shares His TOP Biohacks | Erling Haaland

Answering questions on using saunas and taking ice baths, Haaland revealed he has a steam room in his residence and uses it often. However, he doesn’t seem to be a fan of ice baths. According to him, life is stressful enough and putting your body through such extreme temperatures is a lot.

He admitted ice baths help to build mental resilience and are great for recovery, but it’s not something he particularly looks forward to. He primarily uses ice baths for his legs to speed up recovery after intense training. He also added that the pros and cons of ice baths should be weighed before opting for the post-workout recovery option.

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