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Newry Gym owner Declan Trainor

Gym Owner Declan Trainor Fined £2500 For Covid Breaches

It was a sad time for gym owners during the pandemic as they had to shut their doors and refuse entry but some didn’t listen to these rules and have sadly paid a great price. Newry gym owner, Declan Trainor has already been fined £2,500 for gym breaches and allowing members to access his facility and is facing up to 4 more charges which have been laid against him (all of which he denies).

This is not the first case of gym owners being fined for Covid breaches as we recently saw when Ellwoods gym owner in Durham was ordered to pay £4,000 in fines after opening the gym twice daily to protest about the lockdowns and regulations.

Other gym owners have faced and been threatened with fines of up to £50,000 but with restrictions now easing we also hope to see many of these charges dropped and for gym owners to now let their members get back in their facility to get fit and healthy heading into 2022.

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