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Gymfluencers Top 3 Collagen Supplements

When it comes to the skincare and wellness industries, one supplement amassing fame, thanks to its many benefits, is collagen. Known for strengthening the skin, bones, hair and ligaments, collagen supplements have become a staple in the regimen of beauty and wellness enthusiasts.

Collagen makes up three-quarters of the skin, improving skin hydration and elasticity while reducing the appearance of fine lines. While collagen is a protein the body produces, it decreases as we age. Thanks to collagen supplements, you can reap the full benefits of this important protein. 

If you’re looking to improve your skin, hair or strengthen your bones, incorporate collagen supplements into your routine. Here are our top three collagen supplement picks.

JSHealth Vitality X + Collagen Powder

jshealth collagen supplement

First on our list is JSHealth collagen powder. Aimed to provide various health benefits, this collagen supplement contains peptides supporting healthy skin, hair, and nails. 

In addition to collagen, JSHealth Vitality X + Collagen Powder contains many other beneficial ingredients, including vitamins C, E, and zinc, that support your immune system, protecting you from oxidative stress.

The collagen in JSHealth Vitality X + Collagen Powder is hydrolyzed, meaning it has been broken down into smaller molecules that are more easily absorbed by the body. Whether you’re looking to support healthy skin or hair or simply boost your nutrient intake, this supplement is worth considering.

Buy the Vitality X + Collagen powder on the JSHealth website here.

Planet Paleo Collagen

planet paleo collagen supplement

Planet Paleo offers a range of collagen supplements to support overall health and well-being. These supplements are available in various flavours and are made from high-quality ingredients.

Some of the most popular collagen supplements offered by Planet Paleo include marine collagen, bovine collagen, and vegan collagen. They provide specific benefits such as improved skin elasticity, stronger nails, and healthier hair. In addition to collagen supplements, Planet Paleo offers other supplements, including bone broth powder.

Shop Planet Paleo Collagen supplements here.

Hunter and Gather Collagen Peptides

hunter and gather collagen

Last on our list of the top three collagen supplements is the Hunter and Gather Collagen Peptides. The Hunter and Gather collagen supplements are made from grass-fed bovine collagen.

With this collagen, you don’t have to compromise on your diet. The Hunter and Gather Collagen is ideal if you’re on a paleo, keto or gluten-free diet. Also, it contains zero sugar and is dairy free. 

Get all the benefits of collagen for your joints, gut health, skin, hair and nails with our top three collagen supplements. With discount codes to use at checkout, you can get these supplements without breaking the bank.

Shop Hunter and Gather Collagen Peptides here.

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