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heylo protein bread

Everything You Need To Know About Heylo: The High Protein Bread Brand 

Doorstep sandwiches are back on the menu thanks to Heylo

The comfort and simplicity of bread is unrivalled. Whether you’re looking to bridge the gap between meals with a quick snack or hastily assemble a sandwich before heading out the door, a loaf of bread stands as your reliable cupboard stalwart.

But for those following a low-carb, high-protein diet, heading for the bread bin every time your stomach rumbles isn’t the smartest move. Or at least it wasn’t, until now. 

Up-and-coming Keto bread brand, Heylo has fused baked goods and low-carb living in a satisfyingly delicious way. 

Catering to health-conscious customers following a strict Keto lifestyle and those aiming to reduce their carb intake in a more relaxed way, Heylo describes itself as a ‘broad church’ for people from all walks of life. 

Among the brand’s bestsellers are the Lighter White Keto Loaf, Artisan Seeded Keto Loaf, Spice & Raisin Keto Bread, and our personal favourite, the Keto Bagels

heylo protein bread

These generously portioned bagels practically beg to be toasted and slathered in cream cheese, peanut butter, or any high-protein topping of your choice.

Speaking of protein, these bagels are packed with it. Each 1.4g carb bagel contains an impressive 24g of protein and just 206 calories, making them an ideal choice for your post-workout meal.

Plus, at £3.69 for a pack of two, they’re cheaper than most protein bars. To reintroduce bread to your menu, visit Heylo’s website today. You can also grab items for 10% off using our Heylo discount code, GYMFLUENCE10.

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