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20 Reasons Why You Need To Try and Will Love INNOSUPPS

20 Reasons Why You Need To Try and Will Love INNOSUPPS

It was always going to be difficult to come up with so many reasons but due to the size of discount that we offer for Innosupps you will under stand the 20 reasons why you need to try and will love INNOSUPPS.

Everyone can relate to those sleepless nights tossing and turning. Whether this is because you had that last coffee a bit too late, your stomach is rumbling but you are trying to stay in that calorie deficit or because you just can’t switch off. Whatever the reason, it is the most frustrating thing. But are InnoSupps providing the solution? Night Shred is a supplement from InnoSupps that promises to help you fall asleep and stay asleep! Oh, and burn fat while you are sleeping

20 Reasons Why You Need To Try and Will Love INNOSUPPS

It sounds too good to be true, so I looked into it a bit deeper.

According to InnoSupps the product offers the following:

  • Enhanced Digestive Health
  • Relaxing Stress Reducer
  • Reduced Night-Time Cravings

So how does Night Shred achieve all of these claims? Some of the main ingredients to highlight would be Grains of Paradise, Ashwagandha Root and 5-HTP. The Grains of Paradise may raise your metabolism to help you burn fat while you sleep. Ashwagandha may lower your cortisol levels to aid deep relaxation to help you sleep. 5-HTP may help with mood regulation to promote that feel-good feeling. All these ingredients are well-researched and understood in boosting your metabolism and your mood, so I would expect to see them in this sort of product. A good recipe for the perfect night sleep. 

The reviews online are positive. There are a lot of Night Shred reviews mentioning that people had a great night sleep and it helped them establish a normal sleeping pattern. There isn’t a large amount of information about weight loss. Some users say they notice reduced fat storage but the best results have been seen from reviewers leading a healthy lifestyle. Based on this it is hard to conclude if it is from the product or a combination of the two.


The reviews left me feeling positive about the product but at a whopping $44.99 I did have to think it through before finally purchasing the Night Shred. The first night I slept well, woke up without the grogginess I am used to from those early starts. My head felt clear, I felt focused and ready to face the day. So far so good! After consistently taking the product I felt a lot more relaxed in the evening which prepared me well for drifting off and each morning I just felt more energised and refreshed. I didn’t notice any immediate weight loss effects within the first week. But I did feel more energised for my workouts after a good night sleep. Generally became more active. 

Over the weeks I did notice my weight loss increases at a higher rate than prior to taking this product. It’s hard to conclude if it is from the product directly or is a secondary effect of sleeping better and being more alert. Regardless of the reason, I am not complaining! I am going to keep taking this product for the massive benefit of a better night sleep but would be nice to see the price point come down a bit.

InnoSupps do a AM PM SHRED STACK, which contains the Night Shred and Innoshred. The Innoshred contains Capsimax and Grains of Paradise responsible for fat burning so it would seem right to combine these two products together to give you the complete daily ingredients to optimise your fat loss. The two products together are $89.99, so a discount on buying them both separately but still a big investment. The reviews for the Innoshred are just as impressive as for the Night Shred.

Claims of curbing cravings and reduced appetite. I think the true test would be to try both the Night Shred and Innoshred together to get optimal results. For now, I will continue using the Night Shed and invest in Innoshred in the future. Due to the high price point, I would only use these products when I feel I need that extra boost to my weight loss. But for now, it’s a thumbs up from me for InnoSupps.

20 Reasons why you need to try and will love Innosupps

20 Reasons why you need to try and will love Innosupps: Grab 20% Off the Entire Collection when using promo code GF20 at checkout.

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