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Joe Fazer Fails 20,000 Calorie Challenge In Epic Fashion

Popular U.K. fitness influencer and YouTuber Joe Fazer recently attempted to consume 20,000 calories in 24 hours and failed. Here’s how it went down.

During a conversation with one of his best friends, Jack, Joe said he could consume 20,000 calories in a day, and Jack called him delusional. To prove Jack wrong, he started the challenge at midnight with two cans of Coke, a large pizza and a hefty garlic sauce. To top it up, before going to sleep, he took Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and gummy bears, bringing his total calorie consumed to 4,133. 

Waking up by 10 am, he continued the challenge by eating a massive English breakfast, potato waffles, brownie and ice cream. By the end of the meal, he had consumed 7,483 calories. By 2 pm, he still had a long way to go, so he got another ice cream bumping his calorie consumption to 8,751.

I Attempted The 20,000 Calorie Challenge

By 5 pm, he had a very large meal making it 11,277 calories, and by 7 pm, he had consumed 12,501 calories. 

Feeling overwhelmed by the amount of calories he had consumed in such a short time, he headed to the gym to feel better. Three hours before the challenge was over, Joe still had to prove Jack wrong, so he ate a king-sized Carvey and afterwards had cheese and crackers, making the total calories he consumed 14,226.

One hour to the end of the challenge, Joe got Mcdonalds’ chicken sandwich, fries, cookies and a large Coke. Shortly after, he passed out from exhaustion and overeating. By the end of the challenge, he could only consume 14,834 calories.

Check out the full video on his YouTube channel here.

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