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Joe Fazer Reveals How He Cured His Acne

Fitness influencer and YouTuber Joe Fazer took to his YouTube channel with over 1.4 million subscribers to share his journey with acne. For many wondering how Joe Fazer’s acne cleared up, it was a journey of over 33 weeks. Here’s what happened.

In July 2022, Joe decided he needed to do something about his acne flare-ups, no thanks to the summer heat. Now Joe’s acne had never been terrible. At that time, he was obsessed with looking more attractive; he didn’t want to deal with acne.

After an extensive search online, he stumbled on Accutane, an effective but controversial acne medication. Side effects of Accutane range from dry lips to nose bleeds and joint pain. However, it also causes severe depression. 

How I Cleared My Acne

Three weeks into his Accutane journey, he started to go through the purging stage – the point where things got worse so they could get better. Unfortunately, two months into the journey, his mental health went downhill, and his skin wasn’t any better, so he had to call it quits.

Relieved to be off Accutane, he hoped his skin would return to how it used to be, but he was in for a surprise. His skin worsened, and on October 7th, 2022, he restarted his Accutane journey. The best decision he had ever made for his skin as 16 weeks into his new journey; things were looking up. 

On the 33rd week, Joe could finally say he had battled acne and won. He’s since been acne free, and his confidence better than it used to be.

Watch the full video on his channel here.

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