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Load Your Body With 18 Vegetable Nutrients In One Product With Lean Greens

Load Your Body With 18 Vegetable Nutrients In One Product With Lean Greens

Load your body with 18 vegetable nutrients in one product. Is it worth a try? 

In the fitness nutrition industry, you can find a wide range of brands offering green health drinks. They are sold with the promise to give your body all the multi-vitamins it requires in one product and always claiming to be easy to drink. If any of you have tried to drink any superfoods, they are not easy to drink! They are really tough to get down your neck and remind you of some horrific dirty pint from a not too distance night out. We have reviewed many other green drinks and tables and asides from Ghost Greens this is the only palatable product that we can recommend.

Before we dive deeper, you should know that you can get this product for 10% off using our discount code, GF10.

But Lean Greens are offering all the health benefits of 18 nutrients without the horrific taste. So what is in the Lean Greens Super Greens? Firstly, raw vegetables, spinach, broccoli and carrot powder. A variety of greens, wheatgrass, barley grass, spirulina (a given), chlorella and alfalfa. The last two not meaning much to your everyday person. Fruit Extracts, blackcurrant and blueberries. Digestive Enzymes, Metabolic Ingredients and Natural Sweetener. A lot of ingredients packed into one product. But I see a lot of the main culprits destined to make it taste like pond water.

Load Your Body With 18 Vegetable Nutrients In One Product With Lean Greens

It’s not entirely palatable, but it does mix well it has a smooth consistency. I can manage to drink the whole thing without having to gag. It doesn’t get easier after drinking it for a few days. But I wasn’t expecting it to taste amazing. The fact I can consume it without gagging is a big step in the right direction. At least the superfoods are progressing in the right direction. Personally, the health benefits outweigh the taste. For now, I will persist with this product as it is the best I have come across.

Another health food I struggle to consume is Turmeric. In a curry, a risotto, a smoothie, it doesn’t matter I just can’t get past it. It is so overpowering! But the reports of people coming off any form of pain medication due to this product has forced me to keep adding it into my meals. However, are Lean Greens providing an alternative product? Can I still get the benefits of Turmeric without the horrific taste? The Amber Boost – Vitamin D3 and Turmeric comes in a capsule format with two capsules required for a serving. I have been taking these capsules for just over a week now. The benefits of a Turmeric in the capsule format are all still present. I no longer find myself in pain with my knee after leg day. The DOMs are few and far between and the added benefit of the Vitamin D3 means I feel more alert and overall, just in better health. I will be swapping out the Turmeric in my daily meals and continuing with this product. 

Load Your Body With 18 Vegetable Nutrients In One Product With Lean Greens

All of Lean Greens products offer a way of introducing more vitamins and minerals into your diet in a more convenient way. Whether this be Jui-C Vitamin C, Good Fats Omega 3 or the two products I have mentioned above. Lean Greens allows you to stay on top of your micronutrients without having to fill every plate with an excessive number of vegetables. If you want the full health kick, they offer a package that contains all of their product, The Whole Enchilada, this way there won’t be anything you are deficient in. All the good in a more convenient way, what’s not to love.

Use code GF10 to get 10% off the Entire Collection.

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