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Merky FC HQ by Stormzy

Everything You Need To Know About Merky FC HQ by Stormzy

Recently, in a YouTube video, famous British rapper Stormzy revealed the launch of Merky FC HQ.

Merky FC HQ is a state-of-the-art facility and a collaboration between Stormzy and Adidas, intending to bring football, music, and gaming together in one space.

According to Stormzy, he’s been working on the idea for the past three years. Needless to say, he was over the moon when the dream finally became a reality. In the video, you can see him beaming with joy as he gave a guided tour of Merky FC HQ. He compared creating the space to securing a number one single or stepping out on a main stage at Glastonbury.

#MERKY FC HQ TOUR with Stormzy | GRM Daily

Details of the Merky FC HQ by Stormzy

Stormzy showed everything at Merky FC HQ, from the music studio to the trophy he won at Old Trafford. He also revealed the gaming hub, which he called the EA Sports gaming hub. The gaming hub has all kinds of games, such as EAFC, Madden NFL, F1, NHL, UFC, baseball, Xbox, and PlayStation 4. Although the space is targeted at teenagers, people of all ages can also visit.

Merky FC HQ also has multipurpose rooms that can be used for meditation, training, conferences, and meetings. According to Stormzy, the facility was born out of a passion for building, helping, empowering, and providing for the community.

The YouTube video showed everyone present having fun and playing football afterwards.

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