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Muscle Food Build Your Own Box

Muscle Food now offers a Build Your Own Box deal where you save an additional 25% based on the products being sold separately. Muscle Food is known for good deals, huge discounts compared to supermarkets but this box is a further discount on top of all of this! 

Creating your box involves following the below steps:

  1. Select the box size that suits you best
  2. Fill your box – there are 50+ products to choose from
  3. Select your delivery date

Pretty simple and easy, you can have it as regular delivery, or a one-off – so I decided to go for the one-off to give it a try first.

The box comes in four different sizes depending on your requirements:

  1. Essential – £30 – perfect for one or two people
  2. Most Popular – £50 – perfect for a family or meal prep
  3. Great Value & Quality – £75 – great for large families or for filling the freezer
  4. Great Value & Quality – £100 – great for filling the freezer or stocking up

I am big into my meal prep so option number 2 it was! Most Popular at £50!

muscle food

To create my box was so simple. I selected the option I wanted and then was given all the products I could fill it with. 1 x 200 grams Extra Lean Beef Steak Mince – £1.50, Premium Chicken Breast Fillets – 2 x 170 grams £2.00, 10 x 35 grams Low Fat Back Bacon Medallions £3.00, etc… You keep building until you have hit £50. Then click add and you can go through with the delivery. I was a bit shocked by the £6.99 delivery fee. It did nearly put me off, but even including the delivery fee, it is much cheaper than going to the supermarket.

So what was the quality like? VERY GOOD! 

I know why Muscle Food calls their beef mince, extra Lean Beef Steak Mince! Because it is EXTRA LEAN! This is the leanest mince I have ever had. Having lean beef mince enable you to create some really tasty dishes without all the extra fat and calories so being able to have this in the freezer means we can create great meals whenever. The pack was big for the two of us to have a nice healthy portion.

muscle food

The Premium Chicken Breast Fillets, are premium. The chicken breasts are huge! They are easily double the size of supermarket chicken breasts and one is enough for my partner and me. We ordered quite a lot of chicken, as we used it in a lot of our meals so we portioned it out and put it in the freezer. The quality is still great after defrosting and cooking, so I cannot complain. Cheaper than the supermarket and there whenever you need it. 

I did get a lot of other meat including the Low Fat Back Bacon Medallions, Lean Meatballs, Meaty Pork Sausages, Lite Beef Burgers and Chicken Breast Sausages. I haven’t tried them all yet. But I have been having the Low Fat Back Bacon Medallions on a bagel for breakfast. I can’t say a lot about it, it is bacon, it is awesome, it does not fail. It saves hunting in the supermarkets to find the last packet of medallions, so it makes me happy!

Will I order from Muscle Food again? Yes! Will I order the Build Your Own Box again? Yes! It is great value for money, the meat is super lean and everything tastes great!

Order now using code GYMF5 for £5 off your first box Here.

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