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Natreve Launch Animal-Free Whey Protein ‘MOOLESS’

In a world of superfoods, veganism and protein powder it was only a matter of time before some genius start up or existing brand found the perfect recipe and launched an animal-free whey protein. First to the market is Natreve who have cleverly named their Whey Protein ‘MOOLESS’. With the slogan No Cow, All Science and a signature chocolate fudge brownie flavour, it’s caught the eyes of many and us all wanting to get our hands on their product and to give it a try.

Also available in Vanilla bean cupcake, strawberry shortcake and cookies and cream it has given us delicious sounding flavours but they have also packed this protein full of more good stuff including 20G of protein per serving, digestive enzymes, gluten-free, soy-free and lactose-free. This is a health conscious brand who are going to please millions of health conscious consumers.

MOOLESS are standing behind sustainability as their big marketing push where by not using animals they are saving up to 97% fewer greenhouse emissions.

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