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surreal cereal

Surreal Cereal’s Candy Kittens Collab Is Selling Out Fast!

If you’re a fan of fun, fruity (but still super healthy) cereal then you’ll want to move fast and grab a few boxes of Surreal Cereal’s latest limited edition offering because they are selling like crazy and won’t be around for too much longer.

Don’t know what we’re talking about? Well, the high-protein, low-sugar cereal brand has teamed up with Candy Kittens to create an incredible new flavour that tastes just like their Wild Strawberry sweets. 

We’re not kidding when we tell you Surreal has absolutely nailed this flavour. The wild strawberry taste is spot on and makes a bowl of this cereal such a treat to eat at any time of the day. 

And with 14g of protein and zero sugar, this is something you can happily indulge in whenever you like without worrying about your diet taking a hit. Oh, and the cereal’s also totally vegan and gluten-free, and comes in at around 150 calories per serving so it’s win-win-win as far as we’re concerned!

surreal cereal

The flavour won’t be around for long though, so if this sounds right up your candy-loving street then go and grab yourself a few boxes while you still can!

Visit the website here now to shop.

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