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Tommy Fury Shows Off Immense Strength Training With Eddie Hall

Tommy Fury, rising boxing sensation and reality TV star, has hit the gym once again with legendary strongman Eddie Hall to put his strength to the test in a training session.

Fury’s currently gearing up for his upcoming fight with KSI and if his sessions with Eddie are anything to go by he’ll really be a force to reckon with come the big day!

This time round Tommy and Eddie focus on working shoulders, with Tommy explaining that they’re actually not one of his strongest areas. If anyone can help him though it’s Eddie, who clearly knows what he’s talking about when it comes to building strength.

Training With The Beast (Pre-Camp)

Hall’s approach in the training session is to start with a lighter weight and then decrease the number of reps as you increase the weight. So they kick things off with 50 reps with a 15kg weight for Tommy, and 30kg for Eddie.

By the time they reach the final 10 reps Tommy’s moved up to 35kg and Eddie’s maxing out at 50kg. But they’re not stopping there, instead they move on to the pec deck to isolate the rear shoulder before hitting their triceps with a few extensions.

While Tommy might not be quite on Eddie’s level yet we love watching him more than hold his own when they workout together, and with the weights he’s lifting and the work he’s putting in training we’re expecting one hell of a fight from Tommy when he gets in the ring with KSI in October.

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