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Top 3 Reasons Why You Will Love Efectiv Sports Nutrition Products

Top 3 Reasons Why You Will Love Efectiv Sports Nutrition Products

There are a million reasons why you would love this brand and so many products that you have to try but we have whittled it down to just the top 3 reasons why you will love Efectiv Sports Nutrition products and this is them…

We have reviewed hundreds of supplement brands and quite often they are somewhat of the same. The same standard flavours, pumping a chocolate whey as hard as they can or creating a BCAA that doesn’t do much for the end user but when we spoke with Efectiv Sports Nutrition it was obvious they were different. On a business level it is rare to find such a pro-active brand and ones that want to give as much as they can to the industry, potential customers and their current existing client base. Founded in 2013 by Bosy Temple Wholesale and acquired by Peak Health Distribution in 2018 it is a brand that has long served the health and fitness world and continues to do just that for decades more.

Reason 1 Why You Will Love Efectiv Sports Nutrition

Efectiv Sports Nutrition is trusted by the worlds best and they currently sponsor World Strongest Man finalist and long time legend of the sport Graham Hicks. When looking at a brands sponsored athletes it’s nice to see it’s not just an IG influencer running their marketing. Graham Hicks is as hardcore of a gym goer and athlete as you can imagine so if he used this product and puts his name to it then you know its legitimate.

Graham Hicks is a Strongman Competitor who won Britain’s Strongest Man in 2019 and has placed second in 2014 and 2018 previously. Graham uses Efectiv Sports Nutrition to help maintain his protein levels and add to his high daily calorie count.


Reason 2 Why You Will Love Efectiv Sports Nutrition

Efectiv Sports Nutrition offer a competitively priced product especially when you consider their high quality. Currently listed on their online store their leading products prices are:

  1. Efectiv Whey Protein 2KG: £39.99
  2. Efectiv Mass 5.4KG: £41.99
  3. Efectiv Vegan Protein 908G: £22.99

Typically cheap protein prices would often put us off and can only generally be found either when the product is bad or from mass producers such as MyProtein but for us the Efectiv price points are perfect. It’s a super high quality product at a super fair price. You can now also exclusively grab an extra 10% off these prices by using Gymfluencers very own promo code: GF10 – Just apply this at checkout and thanks us later!

Reason 3 Why You Will Love Efectiv Sports Nutrition

The taste! How could we possibly review a brand and taste not be one of the highest selling points!?! Let’s face it we will all take a little less protein quality or pay a little extra to find a protein powder that we actually find delicious. The great thing with this is the price point is perfect and the quality is 10/10. They have mastered the mix of it all and when it comes to their Whey Protein you can try flavours that include:

  1. Banana Creme
  2. Chocolate Orange
  3. Lemon Cheesecake
  4. Raspberry & White Chocolate
  5. Strawberry Creme
  6. Biscuit Spread
  7. Double Chocolate
  8. Peanut Butter Cups
  9. Salted Caramel
  10. Vanilla Cheesecake

The best flavour? It’s hard to choose between the two but Biscuit flavour (aka lotus biscoff) and peanut butter cups are just something you have to try to believe. Super easy to drink, mixes instantly and it actually has you looking forward to your next protein drink serving.

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