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mattdoesfitness X mike thurston

Try This Epic MattDoesFitness x Mike Thurston Chest Workout

Ever wondered what moves guys like MattDoesFitness and Mike Thurston do in the gym to get as shredded and ripped as they are? Or even fancied attempting one of their workouts yourself to see how you measure up?!

Well, in a recent video on Matt’s YouTube channel the guys hit the gym and tackled a chest workout that you can then follow along with in your next session.

After a bit of not-so-subtle promotion of his energy drink, Morsia Energy, Matt and Mike headed into the gym and got started with a workout made up of 6 relatively simple but incredibly effective moves to hit the whole chest area.

If you want to give it a go, here are the moves they tackled:

Chest Workout with Mike Thurston

First of all they hit the chest directly with seated cable flies followed by dumbbell chest presses. Then, because they advise you not to do 2 presses back to back, the guys moved on to a shoulder fly with the cable, and then shoulder presses. 

Finally they wrap things up with 2 tricep moves – a lying overhead skull crusher and what Matt calls the ‘Mike Thurston special’, a tricep cable crossover extension.

If you’re going to give the workout a go yourself it’s well worth checking out the video for extra tips on form and reps, and even if you’re never going to actually try it you should watch it anyway just for the banter between the boys!

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