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ultraflex gym york

UltraFlex Gym York: The Ultimate Bodybuilding Gym

Unleash your inner fitness enthusiast at UltraFlex Gym York, a standout fitness facility that garners respect as one of York’s finest gyms. Our gym is home to an impressive array of equipment, from heavyweight 100kg dumbbells to yoga mats, ensuring everyone finds their fit. Situated close to the city centre, it’s an ideal choice for those who seek an accessible place to unwind and shape up after a bustling day.

Combine our reasonable membership rates and the guidance of our seasoned staff, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a rewarding fitness journey. Start sculpting your fitness dreams at UltraFlex York, and our adept team will be right beside you, setting you off on the right path.


  • MONDAY – FRIDAY: 06:00 – 22:00
  • SATURDAY – SUNDAY: 08:00 – 20:00

To learn more or connect with us, please email at york@ultraflexgym.co.uk or call us on 0190 462 3383.

Launched in May 2019, our expansive facility, covering a whopping 14,000 sq. ft., has rapidly earned the status of a go-to gym in York. At UltraFlex, we’ve got you covered regardless of your fitness requirements. Our comprehensive amenities include elegant changing rooms, stylish lounge areas, sunbeds, areas designated for physiotherapy and martial arts, a posing studio, a barbershop, and a fully equipped free-weight and resistance training area featuring strongman gear and powerlifting racks.

ultraflex gym york

What sets us apart from other York gyms is our unparalleled training ambiance that marries professionalism and warmth. We’re proud of our in-house team of certified personal trainers, each skilled to guide anyone from fitness novices to seasoned pros.

Our gym, sited just outside the main city centre, enjoys a central location within York. We offer secure on-site parking, including disabled bays and cycle racks, and are accessible via a nearby bus stop.

While UltraFlex Gym York’s top-notch facilities may seem costlier than some less-equipped city centre gyms, we’re proud to be more affordable than most upscale health clubs. This balance enables us to offer an unmatched fitness experience at a reasonable price.

We provide flexible gym membership packages, ranging from day passes to year-long contracts, allowing you to pick a plan that best fits your lifestyle. Plus, there are no hidden joining fees!

With the ability to pre-book slots for various facilities like sunbeds or physiotherapy rooms, we ensure your desired facilities are always ready when you are, saving you the hassle of waiting around.

UltraFlex prides itself on housing top-grade equipment from leading brands such as Atlantis, Watson, Prime USA, Hammer Strength, and Core Fitness. Each piece of equipment is carefully chosen to give you maximum value for your membership and flexibility in your workout routine.

ultraflex gym york

Our gym layout is organised into specific workout sections like chest, back, shoulder, arm, ab, leg, and back, enabling easy navigation for both beginners and regulars. This layout presents numerous ways to keep your workouts engaging and versatile. With UltraFlex, you’ll always find something novel to incorporate into your training routine. Our specialist equipment enables you to exercise each body part from multiple angles and tension points, ensuring your training is tailored to your goals.

For strength competitors and athletes, we feature four powerlifting racks to focus on what matters most – getting stronger. Our weight plates are accurately calibrated, guaranteeing dependable results. Strongman enthusiasts will appreciate the specific equipment available for event-focused training. And for all-around strength and conditioning, we offer a 25-metre prowler track for intense sled-pulls and farmer’s walks.

Our highly qualified personal trainers are always available to provide expert advice on all aspects of your training, from nutrition and weight loss to strength training and workout routines. If you’re a personal trainer seeking a vibrant location to train your clients, UltraFlex offers two convenient options: a pay-as-you-go basis or a monthly floor fee for unlimited access. As we strive to welcome more trainers into our gym, we invite you to consider UltraFlex as the perfect place to train your clients.

UltraFlex Gym York – where fitness and flexibility meet. Start your fitness journey with us today!

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