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supersmart fat & carb blocker

What Exactly Do Fat & Carb Blocker Supplements Do? 

You may have heard of weight loss supplements such as SuperSmart Fat & Carb Blocker, but what exactly do they actually do?

Essentially, the formula is designed to help people shed pounds by reducing their calorie intake. It does so by utilising an ingredient called ID-alG. Before we dive any deeper, you should know that you can get this supplement for 10% off using our SuperSmart discount code, GYMFLU10.

While this may look like an element on the periodic table, it’s actually an extract of Ascophyllum Nodosum or Knotted Wrack, a common brown seaweed native to North Atlantic coasts.

This algae is rich in polyphenols, minerals and trace elements. It also contains iodine, a trace element known for its essential role in energy metabolism, thermogenesis, and reducing fat mass.

supersmart fat & carb blocker

How Does It All Work?

The exact science is still a bit of a mystery. But although the extract’s mechanism is not yet completely understood, one explanation suggests it modulates glycemic and lipid responses. 

Its marine polyphenols are believed to inhibit two of the body’s principal digestive enzymes: alpha-amylase and lipase. By inhibiting these enzymes, Ascophyllum Nodosum extract may limit the amount of fats and carbohydrates absorbed and stored by the body. 

If your diet is calorie-rich, then SuperSmart Fat & Carb Blocker may, therefore, promote weight loss.

The daily dose recommended for effective results is one capsule with each of your two main meals. Head to SuperSmart’s website and use code ‘GYMFLU10‘ for 10% off.

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