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AKT Deodorant: Born to Perform

For all those who know the real struggle of finding the perfect deodorant, AKT brings you a premium solution that is loved by the hard-working individuals of London’s West End.

What is AKT Deodorant?

AKT is a high-end, natural deodorant tailored specifically for those who demand performance without compromising on quality or environmental considerations. It’s a brand that truly lives by its mantra: Born to Perform.

Why is it different? AKT’s formulations are 100% made in the UK, emphasizing environmental responsibility by utilizing vibrant, plastic-free packaging.

A Journey from the Stage to the Shelf: The Founders’ Tale

In the heart of 2015, Ed Currie and Andy Coxon crossed paths while performing in London’s famed West End. Their intensely physical routines meant they were often under the harshest of conditions – sweat, heat, and relentless schedules. Unfortunately, most deodorants available in the market simply didn’t make the cut.

Fed up with antiperspirants that either stained clothes or were reminiscent of teenage scents, and natural deodorants that couldn’t last a few hours, they embarked on a mission. They ventured into creating a deodorant that could handle their demands.

After three dedicated years of meticulous research, trials, and collaboration with leading experts in fragrance and cosmetic science, The Deodorant Balm was finally crafted.

As a tribute to their origin, Ed and Andy decided to have their creation tested by none other than their peers – the very West End performers who lived the same demanding lives. The results? An overwhelmingly positive response and solid approval from the community that inspired the brand.

AKT Ethos: Beyond Just a Deodorant

AKT is not just about effective protection against sweat; it’s about doing it the right way:

  • Natural: Pure and beneficial ingredients that don’t harm your skin.
  • Plastic-Free: Innovative aluminium packaging ensures durability and recyclability, preventing more plastic waste.
  • Gender-Free: Designed for everyone, irrespective of gender.

To ensure no plastic touches their product, AKT even introduced bespoke aluminium caps. And while these caps can’t pierce the seal of the tube, a simple sharp object like a pen gets the job done with ease.

Using AKT

To get the best out of AKT, simply pierce the seal, squeeze a pea-sized amount – either on your finger or The Applicator – and massage onto clean skin. Be it underarms, forehead, or chest, experience effective all-day protection wherever you apply. And with one tube lasting 2-3 months, it’s not only efficient but economical.

10% OFF AKT Deodorant Discount Code

For those eager to experience the magic of AKT, use our 10% off AKT Deodorant discount code GF10 at checkout and enjoy the luxury at a special price.


Every leading character deserves a deodorant that’s up to their standard. With AKT Deodorant, you’re not only choosing premium performance but also an environmentally conscious choice. It’s time to take the center stage confidently, with AKT by your side.

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