10% Off PRESS Power Week Discount Code
10% Off PRESS Power Week Discount Code

10% Off PRESS Power Week Discount Code

10% off


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10% Off PRESS Power Week Discount Code GYMFLUENCERSAGENCY

Welcome to PRESS Healthfoods, where your journey to a healthier lifestyle begins. We’re excited to offer you an exclusive discount code, GYMFLUENCERSAGENCY, to enjoy 10% off your order. Dive into the details of our transformative PRESS Power Week and discover how it can energize your life in just seven days.


PRESS Power Week Your Ultimate Health Reset


PRESS Power Week is designed to rejuvenate your body and mind with a perfect blend of nutrient-dense juices and balanced meal plans. This plan consists of a 2-day Signature Juice Cleanse followed by a 5-day 1244 Calorie Meal Plan, crafted to make you feel energized and lighter on your feet.


What’s Included in PRESS Power Week?


1. Two-Day Juice Cleanse

  •    Kickstart your week with our Signature Juice Cleanse. Each cold-pressed juice is packed with up to 1/2 kg of fruits and vegetables in every bottle, delivering essential nutrients to cleanse your body.


2. Natural Breakfast

  •    Begin your day with nutritious, low-sugar breakfast options rich in gut-supporting fiber, vitamins, and minerals.


3. Protein Health Soup

  •    Enjoy a range of protein-rich soups made from grains and legumes that balance your energy levels post-lunch.


4. Plant-Based Meal

  •    Relish delicious and healthy dinners with 100% clean label recipes that are high in protein and convenient.


5. Healthy Snacks

  •    Stay energized throughout the day with legume thins, dark chocolate-covered almonds, and an adaptogenic Shroombar.


6. Daily Cold-Pressed Juice

  •    Each day includes a nutrient-dense cold-pressed juice with up to 1/2 kg of vegetables and fruit in every bottle.


How the Plan Works


Designed for Results:  

Start with a 2-day juice cleanse followed by a 5-day meal plan. PRESS Power Week is perfect for a 7-day reset, helping you cut cravings and establish healthy habits.


Plant-Rich Nutrition:  

Our plan is crafted to eliminate unhealthy processed foods, leaving you feeling lighter and more energized.


Convenient Health:  

PRESS food and drinks are super convenient and delivered weekly, freeing up your weekends for the activities you love.


PRESS Power Week Schedule


Days 1-2:  

Begin with our Signature Juice Cleanse to detoxify and rejuvenate.


Days 3-7:  

Follow up with a 1244 calorie meal plan, covering all your meals and snacks from breakfast to dinner.


Plan Info



A 7-day program to reset your body and kick-start healthy habits.


2-Day Juice Cleanse:  

Start your week with a nutrient-packed juice cleanse.


5-Day Meal Plan:  

Continue with a balanced, low-calorie meal plan to maintain energy and health.



All items are shipped in one delivery on a day of your choice for maximum convenience.


Sign up today and get a juicy 10% off your first order. Start your journey to better health with PRESS Healthfoods and take advantage of our exclusive discount code GYMFLUENCERSAGENCY for 10% off your order.


Start Shopping Now and transform your health with PRESS Power Week.


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