Promixx Charge Discount Code
Promixx Charge Discount Code

10% Off Promixx Charge Discount Code

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10% Off Promixx Charge Discount Code GYMFLUENCERSAGENCY

Stay nourished all day with Promixx Charge. This protein shaker allows you to effortlessly mix your protein shakes with just the touch of a button. With our Promixx Charge Discount Code, you get 10% off your purchase.

The Promixx Charge, as the name implies, is a rechargeable versatile shaker that lasts all through your workout with just one charge. This versatile shaker is suitable for everything you require to stay nourished while you work out. From omelettes, eggs, and shakes to iced coffee and powdered supplements, the Promixx shaker redefines versatility.

Why worry about spills when the Promixx Charge is 100% leakproof? Confidently carry it in your bag for use outdoors or in the gym, as the bottle is impact-resistant and durable. Also, for times when you mistakenly drop this rechargeable shaker, the Halo drop protection saves it from damage.

With NUTRipod integrated into the Promixx Charge, you can enjoy smooth, well-blended powdered supplements. Thanks to its long-lasting battery, you never have to worry about your shaker going out of power. The Promixx Charge features a type C USB input for efficient charging.

Unlike other shakers that make cleaning them a chore, the Promixx Charge is easy to clean, odour resistant and can hold up to 600ml. What’s more exciting is that it allows you to charge your devices with its type A USB output.

The Promixx Charge is available on the online store. Don’t forget to use our discount code –GYMFLUENCERSAGENCY– for 10% off.

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