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Planet Paleo: Blending Ancient Wisdom with Modern Nutritional Science

In 2016, naturopath and nutrition expert Ben Shouler embarked on a mission to deliver high-quality collagen to health-conscious consumers. His journey gave birth to Planet Paleo, now one of the largest collagen ranges in Europe, reflecting Ben’s deep-seated understanding of nutrition and herbal medicine. Celebrate the company’s journey with a 15% off Planet Paleo Discount Code GF15, applicable at checkout.

Planet Paleo combines the holistic approach of traditional medicine with the empirical rigor of modern nutrition science. This innovative synthesis, dubbed ‘The Modern Paleo Lifestyle’, is the driving philosophy behind Planet Paleo’s evolution and growth.

The brand rocketed to popularity soon after its launch, gaining a cult following within the paleo community. It didn’t take long for word of mouth to spread, and by 2018, Planet Paleo’s dedication to ethical sourcing, sustainability, and high-quality raw materials attracted a wider audience. The range expanded to include professional formulations and crowd-pleasing hot drinks like the now-iconic Cacao Magic.

By 2020, Planet Paleo took the bold step of launching the UK’s first range of delicious, organic, grass-fed bone broths. Each product carries the hallmark of Planet Paleo’s commitment to quality ingredients and stringent sourcing standards.

The following year marked a significant milestone in Planet Paleo’s history. With the highest number of certifications among collagen companies in Europe, including LIAF Grass Fed, Soil Association, MSC certification, and Halal, Planet Paleo firmly established itself as a leader in the industry. The brand introduced exciting new products, including a Vegan Collagen range, bolstering its reputation as Europe’s most comprehensive collagen provider. To further its sustainability efforts, Planet Paleo introduced home-compostable packaging across its entire product range in 2022.

Planet Paleo’s corporate values echo its commitment to delivering holistic health solutions. Responsibility, innovation, heritage, convenience, and purity form the bedrock of Planet Paleo’s ethos. The company pledges responsibility towards the planet and people by using only ethically sourced ingredients with full traceability. It values innovation and uses clinically proven ingredients at therapeutic levels in all its formulations. Planet Paleo’s reverence for heritage is visible in its emphasis on real, honest nutrition inspired by traditional foods from around the globe.

Planet Paleo stands for convenience, making nutrient-dense foods accessible to everyone with minimal preparation time. Lastly, the value of purity is upheld through the use of quality ingredients with no artificial additives, chemicals, or fillers.

Today, Planet Paleo continues to forge ahead, driven by a vision that blends the wisdom of our ancestors with modern nutritional science. As the brand grows, it remains devoted to making health and wellness easily accessible to everyone, one collagen product at a time.

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