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Rediscover Hydration with Uppy! Electrolyte Hydration Drink Mix

Did you know? An astonishing 75% of the global population may be walking around dehydrated and completely oblivious to it. If you’ve ever felt fatigue setting in unexpectedly, this could be the reason.

For those who frequently find themselves on-the-go, or simply don’t find plain water appealing, there’s a refreshing and effective solution: Uppy! Electrolyte Hydration Drink Mix.

Delving Deeper into Uppy!

  1. Compact Hydration: No more lugging around huge water bottles! A mere 4 oz of water combined with Uppy! provides a revitalizing hydration boost, perfect for adventurers and busy bees alike.
  2. A Blend of Science and Care: The brilliance behind Uppy! can be traced back to a dedicated female pharmacist. Designed with the frequent flyer in mind, it aligns with the World Health Organization’s criteria for an Isotonic Oral Rehydration Solution, ensuring you get top-tier hydration.
  3. A Brand with a Heart: As a female-led Public Benefit LLC, Uppy! doesn’t just focus on profit. It understands the broader perspective – what use is a hydration product in a world where many lack access to safe drinking water?
  4. Nothing but the Best: With a commitment to purity, Uppy! boasts non-GMO, pristine ingredients, providing a healthful, guilt-free hydration experience.

The Uppy! Line-up

  • Uppy! Original:
    • Package: A tube containing 10 lively effervescent tablets.
    • Ingredients: A balanced concoction of electrolytes, minerals, and vitamins.
    • Taste Profile: A refreshing trio of Lemon, Lime, rounded off with a touch of Ginger.
    • How to Enjoy: Mix 1 tablet in 120 ml (12 cl) water, stir, sip, and savor.
  • Uppy! Energizer (Fortified with Caffeine):
    • Package: Comes in a tube with 10 effervescent tablets.
    • Ingredients: All the goodness of the Original with an added caffeine boost of 50 mg.
    • Flavor Twist: A delightful blend of Natural Grapefruit-Lime and a dash of Ginger.
    • Serving Suggestion: Mix one tablet in 120 ml (12 cl) water and experience the zing!

For our valued readers, here’s a special token: Use our 20% off Uppy! Electrolyte Hydration Drink Mix with the exclusive code ‘GF20’. Dive into a world of hydration like never before!

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