25% Off Flow Brew Discount Code
25% Off Flow Brew Discount Code

25% Off Flow Brew Discount Code

25% off


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25% Off Flow Brew Discount Code GYM25


Embark on a journey to wellness and vitality with Flow Brew, your go-to destination for 100% natural, zero caffeine mushroom blends. Start each day with a boost of natural focus, energy, and calm, thanks to the incredible power of mushrooms. And now, you can unlock an exclusive 25% discount on your order using the code GYM25 at checkout!


Featured Products:


  • Memory + Focus (90g): Enhance your cognitive abilities for just £32.00.
  • Memory + Focus | Starter Bundle (2x90g): Double the benefits, now available for £54.00.
  • Mixed Starter Bundle | Focus + Protect Blend (2x90g): Experience the best of both worlds at only £49.99.
  • Protect (90g): Strengthen your defenses for £25.00.


Why Choose Flow Brew?


  • All-Natural Ingredients: Discover the power of Chaga and Lion’s Mane mushrooms, known for their essential nutrients that support optimal body functioning.
  • Sustainability: Join the movement to reduce food waste and support small local farmers with our carbon-neutral products.
  • Community-Loved: Join thousands of flow seekers who trust Flow Brew to enhance their health, focus, and productivity.


Customer Reviews:


Our community of flow seekers can’t get enough of Flow Brew’s mushroom blends. From improved focus and energy to natural stress relief and immune support, our customers are experiencing life-changing benefits.


Special Offer:


For a limited time, get a whopping 25% off your Flow Brew order with the discount code GYM25. Plus, enjoy free UK shipping on all orders over £34.99.


Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your wellness routine with Flow Brew’s superpower mushroom blends. Use code GYM25 to unlock your exclusive discount. Embrace nature’s medicine and find your flow today!


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