€100 Off Lankeleisi Discount Code
€100 Off Lankeleisi Discount Code

€100 Off Lankeleisi Discount Code



Terms & Conditions:

€100 Off Lankeleisi Discount Code GF100

In an exciting announcement from the heart of China, Lankeleisi, the pioneers of innovative electric bikes, have launched a limited-time offer that’s too good to pass up! For a short period, customers can avail of a significant €100 discount on any Lankeleisi e-bike, ensuring that the cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly benefits of their products are more accessible than ever. 


The special promotion, available exclusively through the Lankeleisi Store, applies to any purchase with a minimum order of €1499. By using the discount code GF100 at checkout, buyers can immediately benefit from the price reduction, making these high-quality bikes a fantastic deal.


Product Details:

  • Regular Retail Price (RRP): Starts at €1499
  • Discount Code: GF100 for €100 off


Lankeleisi’s range includes a variety of e-bikes tailored to suit different needs, from urban commuting to adventurous off-road riding. Each bike is designed with the utmost attention to performance, style, and sustainability, adhering to Lankeleisi’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


Shipping Information:

  • Delivery Time: Expect your new bike to arrive at your doorstep within 3-6 workdays.
  • Shipping Costs: Absolutely free, with no additional taxes applied.


Founded by a group of enthusiastic engineers and cycling aficionados, Lankeleisi has always aimed to transform urban mobility with bikes that are not only efficient but are also kind to the environment. Their story began with a dream in China and has since expanded across the globe, making a mark in the EU, UK, and US markets.


Whether you’re navigating city streets, exploring the countryside, or conquering rough terrains, Lankeleisi has a bike that will meet your needs and exceed expectations. With this exclusive offer, there’s never been a better time to join the Lankeleisi community and experience the joy and freedom of electric biking.


About Lankeleisi:

Lankeleisi is not just about selling bikes; it’s about creating a cycling culture. We view each bicycle not simply as a means of transportation but as a key to new adventures, a tool for exploration, and a path to personal discovery. We are proud to contribute positively to the cycling community and the environment, one pedal stroke at a time.


Hurry, visit the Lankeleisi Store today to explore our range and take advantage of the €100 discount before this amazing offer ends!


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