FORME Shaker Discount Code
FORME Shaker Discount Code

FORME Shaker Discount Code

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What is FORME?

FORME is a functional, stylish and sustainable supplement shaker designed for the modern-day health and fitness enthusiast.

It has a 500ml stainless steel body, a built-in storage container and a silent shaker mechanism, making FORME the most convenient and contemporary shaker on the market.

Tired of poor-performing, attractive shakers, FORME was founded with the aim of providing anyone looking to live a healthy lifestyle with a shaker that was designed to make supplementation convenient without compromising on style.

Our Story (so far)

FORME launched on Kickstarter in 2021, hitting its funding target in less than one hour and selling over 1,000 shakers to backers all over the world. Since then we have developed the product to ensure it meets the needs of the users and in 2023 launched a new and improved version of our shaker.

We have worked with a variety of different companies in the health and fitness space by creating co-branded shakers. This includes top nutrition brands, functional fitness gyms and events, personal training platforms, schools and professional sports organisations.

FORME Specification

  • Shaker capacity: 500ml (17oz)
  • Storage capacity: 35g
  • Shaker height (inc. storage): 25cm
  • Shaker diameter: 7.5cm
  • Weight: 475g
  • Temperature regulation: Cold 12h / Hot 8h


  • FORME’s body is made from 18/8 kitchen grade stainless steel with a powder coated finish on the outside.
  • The lids, storage container and shaker mechanism are made from 100% recycled polypropylene. The base is finished with a silicone ring that will prevent the shaker from slipping on surfaces.
  • FORME is a BPA-free product.
  • Our packaging is fully recyclable and designed so it does not need to go in ANOTHER box in order to be delivered to you.

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