Dabbs Fitness Free Class Pass

Dabbs Fitness Free Class Pass

Dabbs Fitness is a boutique performance gym based in Mayfair, just off New Bond Street. Specialising in bespoke personal training, and small group classes, Dabbs Fitness has a strong performance philosophy and believes that everyone should train in a functional, holistic manner, and ‘train like an athlete’.

Dabbs Fitness offers two group classes – Dabbs Training, and Dabbs Conditioning. Dabbs Training is the more holistic, niche class which centres around programmed strength training and coaching on big lifts such as the squat and deadlift, feeling more like a small group personal training session. Dabbs Conditioning classes are more like the typical HIIT/Sweat type class, and are great for metabolic conditioning, similar to a CrossFit WOD.

In order to book your class, please get in contact with us directly, either through email or one of our social channels, and we can arrange it.

Make sure you tag us in your IG story when checking out this amazing gym.

Gym Facilities

Crdio MachinesCardio machines

Mat Area

Fitness Studio

Personal Training


Free Weights

Functional Training

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Changing Rooms

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