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Mike Thurston

5 Things You Need to Know about Mike Thurston

From party boy to fitness trainer and entrepreneur, Mike Thurston has led a more colorful life than most influencers. Famous for his Youtube channel, activewear brand, THRST, and a stunning physique, there’s much about Mike that remains a secret.

In this post, we’ll pull back the curtain and reveal a few things you might not have known about the superstar. 

Mike Thurston Age

With a jawline sharp enough to cut through glass and a lifestyle that screams forever twenty, it might be difficult to tell that Michael Thurston is only 32. He was born on August 9, 1990, and spent most of his young life in Leeds, Yorkshire, England, playing Rugby, Soccer, and basketball, which laid the foundation of his incredible physique.

His amazing looks stem from his natural genetics and taking great care of his body.

Mike Thurston’s Height

While Mike manages to fill in whatever room he steps into, he’s only 6 feet or 183 inches. He commands so much attention because of his tremendous physique. He weighs 205 -215 lbs and remains lean all year round. 

Mike Thurston Networth

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Over the years, Mike Thurston has been involved in several entrepreneurial endeavors that have contributed to his wealth. 

Unlike conventional influencers, Mike does not flaunt his wealth and property, forcing us to become detectives to estimate what Mike Thruston might be worth.

In 2013, Mike started Aurora Athletics, a personal training brand, with his business partner, Kyle. His business subsequently went international after he started posting on Instagram the same year. 

Thurston also created THRST in October 2016. It started as a training platform which offers specialized training programs and video instruction. They also provide over 35+ specialized as well as over 200+ meal plans. 

THRST offers three tiers for new sign-ups. $9.99 per month, $24.99 per quarter, and $74.99 per year. In 2019, he expanded the brand into the Active Wear space, selling shorts, bikinis, and shirts for athletes and fashionable people. According to a YouTube Video by Mike, THRST was so popular in 2021 that he ran out of stock in the middle of Summer.

To make his workout videos and meal plans even more accessible, Mike Thurston released a fitness app, THRST, on the IOS and Apple stores in April 2021. It was last updated on 30 December 2022, with over 10,000 downloads on the App store and 366 ratings on the Apple Store.

It’s been 21 months since its release, and while there are no concrete numbers of how many subscriptions THRST has managed to bag, 20-30% is a more than generous estimate. If they subscribed to a full year of THRST, Mike would’ve made 197,500 from his app.

Mike’s Youtube Channel is also a big money-maker. As of writing, he has over 1.3 million subscribers, which he slowly acquired since he started the channel on April 18, 2016. Michael has accumulated 184,361,812 views during his channel’s lifetime. 

YouTubers can make vastly different amounts based on where their primary audience base is located, and the Ads played during their videos. On average, they get paid anywhere from $1500–5000 per 1 million views.

Some quick multiplication and we might estimate that he’s made at least $460,000 from his career on YouTube.  

Mike should be worth at least $2 million based on the viral success of his clothing line, Youtube income, his personal training business, and his fitness app. 

Considering Mike was a certified personal trainer with a follower base in the Millions before he started his most successful entrepreneurial endeavors, he could be easily worth twice as much.

Mike Thurston Girlfriend

Through his long history on the Internet, Mike has never publicly confirmed he’s in a relationship with any person– which is in character for a party boy like Mike. Through our extensive investigation, we came across no past or present girlfriend, which tells us MIke likes to keep his love life and personal life private.

Mike Thurston Steroids

In 2020, rumors circulated the internet about Mike Thurston possibly being enhanced. And those rumors were not without merit. It is considerably difficult for people to maintain the physique Mike does year-round without putting on fat while still gaining muscle. He threads a very fine line, and he only seems to put on even more muscle year after year.

However, there are a few key arguments and evidence in his defense. Mike has not shown any of the tell-tale signs of Steroid use and abuse throughout his long history online. Another argument in his favour is that Mike has been training consistently for 14 years now.

Mike Thurston Naked

Mike Thurston

You’re out of luck if you’re looking for naked pictures or videos of Mike Thurston. There are no real naked photos or videos of Mike on the internet. Given his public image, business, and reputation, it’s unlikely there will ever be any.

However, if Mike does go the OnlyFans route, you can be sure that we’ll cover the full scoop on our news page. You can also follow his Instagram page for more insights.

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