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Bermondsey Boxing Club

Everything You Need To Know About Bermondsey Boxing Club

Nestled in the heart of the community, Bermondsey Boxing Club stands as a bastion of boxing excellence, welcoming enthusiasts from all walks of life. With its doors open to novices and seasoned fighters alike, the club has become a haven…
Bulldog Hex Dumbbell Rack

Bulldog Hex Dumbbell Rack: The Home Gym Solution

Bulldog Gear is once again setting the benchmark for home gym equipment with the launch of their new product bundle: the Hex Dumbbell 2.0 set and the innovative Garage Gym Storage System. Priced at an exclusive rate of £1,083.75 GBP…
double d healthy sweets

Double D Healthy Sweets: Our Go-To Treat Choice

It’s not new to hear people say sweets are unhealthy. While this is true for many sweets out there, Double D is changing the narrative with their low-calorie vegan treats. With many decades of steadily producing quality healthy sweets, Double-D…

Introducing The Alcohol Free 13Kcal UNLTD IPA 

Love a good IPA but don’t always want the extra calories or the hangover? Then let us introduce you to the alcohol-free drink of your dreams – UNLTD IPA. Created by Johnny and Antonia Johnson in 2020, UNLTD has a…
Alcohol Free UNLTD Lager

Why We Love The Alcohol Free UNLTD Lager

When it comes to hitting your fitness goals it can be tempting to take a bit of an all-or-nothing approach, cutting out all the things you enjoy but that you think will slow down your progress. The problem with this…
pure gym edinburgh

Pure Gym Edinburgh: Some of Scotland’s Greatest Gyms

If you’re looking for a great gym in Edinburgh then you can’t go wrong with one of the city’s Pure Gyms. Ideal for everyone from complete beginners to fitness pros, Pure Gym has everything you need from high-end equipment to…
bovine or marine collagen

Bovine Or Marine Collagen: Choosing Which Is Best For You

While many people know about the amazing benefits of collagen supplements, choosing between bovine and marine collagen is always a challenge. Both types offer unique benefits and applications. However, understanding the differences, similarities, and specific advantages of each can help…
bulldog gear stall bars

Bulldog Stall Bars: Workouts Made Harder

Bulldog Gear, renowned for its cutting-edge fitness equipment, has unveiled its latest innovation: the modular wall-mounted Stall Bars. Priced at £295.00 GBP, these bars are designed to transform any home gym into a versatile workout space. Crafted from 38mm diameter…