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Ben Francis’ Global Success Strategy

If you don’t know who Ben Francis and Gymshark are, it means you’ve been living under a rock. Most people know the inspiring story of how he built Gymshark from nothing to a Billion Dollar Empire. In this video, he…

James Smith Reviews the Whoop 4.0

Should you get the Whoop 4.0? If you don’t know, the Whoop 4.0 is one of the latest fitness trackers to hit the market. Is it all it’s cracked up to be? Or can you do without it? James Smith…

Grace Beverly Talks About Social Media Stardom

Grace Beverly, the founder of TALA and Shreddy, has opened up about the dark star of being a famous individual on social media, especially when you’ve built a business around your personality. She’s not alone and is joined by Australia’s…

The James Smith Podcast: Mat Fraser

James Smith sits down with the greatest CrossFit competitor of all time Mat Fraser to discuss mentality, motivation and what the future holds for the now retired athlete.

Working Hard Podcast: Michelle Kennedy

Fitness influencer and owner of Tala, Grace Beverley welcomes Michelle Kennedy onto her working hard podcast as they discuss the founding of women’s social app Peanut and her business journey.

Diary Of A CEO: James Smith 2.0

Returning to the Diary Of A CEO, James Smith opens up about confidence and how each person suffers from something and on different levels.