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10% OFF FODZYME Discount Code

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Innovative Brand FODZYME® Revolutionizes Approach to Digestive Health with Breakthrough Enzyme Technology

In a game-changing innovation in the world of gut health, FODZYME® has unveiled a cutting-edge line of enzyme products designed to break down FODMAPs directly, transforming the way people enjoy food. FODZYME® is committed to enabling individuals to savor every bite of their meals, freeing them from the fear of chronic digestive distress that often accompanies consumption of delicious and nutritious food.

The inspiration for FODZYME® comes from a deeply personal story. After co-founder Anjie was advised to follow a low-FODMAP diet by her gastroenterologist in 2015, she quickly found it to be a challenging feat. The ubiquity of FODMAPs in everyday foods, particularly her favorite ones, made social events fraught with anxiety and potential digestive issues.

Anjie decided on a new, targeted approach to address FODMAPs directly, circumventing the need to avoid a wide variety of enjoyable and nutritious foods. In her pursuit, she enlisted a team of experts spanning enzymology, biotechnology, medicine, and nutrition, and partnered with co-founder David Hachuel, who had dedicated years to developing digital tools to help individuals suffering from gut disorders.

Their collaborative efforts led to the development of the FODZYME® Starter Kit. This compact solution boasts 33% extra enzymatic activity, efficiently breaking down fructan, lactose, and galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) to help individuals enjoy their meals without discomfort, regardless of their location.

FODZYME®’s specially designed blend of natural enzymes targets common gut symptom triggers such as FODMAPs, including lactose, GOS, and fructans. This targeted approach provides life-changing results:

  • The powder activates instantly when it comes into contact with your food.
  • Their exclusive fructan hydrolase formulation decomposes fructans effectively.
  • FODMAPs are neutralized before they can induce symptoms.

Applying FODZYME® is effortless: simply sprinkle the product onto meals high in fructan, GOS, and lactose for optimal results. FODZYME®’s fructan hydrolase enzyme binds specifically to fructans, converting them into easy-to-digest fructose and glucose molecules. Similarly, the alpha-galactosidase enzyme binds to GOS, dividing it into easily digestible galactose, fructose, and glucose molecules. Finally, the lactase enzyme targets lactose molecules, breaking them down into easily digestible sugars, glucose and galactose.

In celebration of their groundbreaking product, FODZYME® is offering a 10% discount with the code GYMFLUENCERS at checkout. This innovative approach to gut health positions FODZYME® at the forefront of digestive wellness, changing lives one meal at a time.

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