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Groundbreaking Digestive Solution, FODZYME®, Paves the Way for a New Era in Gut Health

Revolutionizing the sphere of digestive health, FODZYME® launches an innovative line of enzyme-based products, uniquely engineered to directly decompose FODMAPs. The trailblazing company aims to empower individuals to fully relish their meals, liberating them from the looming dread of chronic gastrointestinal discomfort that often plagues the enjoyment of flavorful and nourishing food.

A sprinkle that makes food painless | FODZYME®


The inception of FODZYME® was sparked by the personal journey of co-founder Anjie. When prescribed a low-FODMAP diet by her gastroenterologist in 2015, she found the regimen arduous due to the pervasive nature of FODMAPs in everyday foods. This created a minefield of potential digestive disturbances during social gatherings and made meal times stressful.

Deciding on a radical shift in approach, Anjie turned her focus to directly addressing FODMAPs, bypassing the necessity to exclude a range of appetizing and nutrient-rich foods from her diet. In pursuit of this vision, she rallied a team of experts in enzymology, biotechnology, medicine, and nutrition, and teamed up with David Hachuel, a co-founder who had already been assisting individuals with gut disorders through digital tools.

The culmination of their collaboration was the creation of the FODZYME® Starter Kit. This compact, portable kit delivers 33% additional enzymatic activity, adeptly breaking down fructan, lactose, and galacto-oligosaccharides (GOS) to permit users to delight in their preferred meals without any discomfort, wherever they are.

The FODZYME® Starter Kit employs a proprietary blend of natural enzymes that effectively target common gut irritants like FODMAPs, including lactose, GOS, and fructans. The results of this focused approach are life-altering:

  • Upon touching your food, the powder springs into action immediately.
  • The unique fructan hydrolase formulation is specialized in breaking down fructans.
  • FODMAPs are eliminated before they can trigger symptoms.

Incorporating FODZYME® into your meals is as simple as a dash of seasoning. By sprinkling the product on foods rich in fructan, GOS, and lactose, you can maximize its effects. Each enzyme in FODZYME® targets a specific irritant—fructan hydrolase binds with fructans, alpha-galactosidase with GOS, and lactase with lactose, breaking them down into easily digestible sugars.

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To commemorate the launch of their revolutionary product, use our 10% off FODZYME® discount code GYMFLUENCERS at checkout. FODZYME® is carving out a new path in digestive health, positively impacting lives with every meal.

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