Lumen Metabolism Tracker Discount Code
Lumen Metabolism Tracker Discount Code

£50 Off Lumen Metabolism Tracker Discount Code

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£50 Off Lumen Metabolism Tracker Discount Code

Revolutionize Your Wellness with the Lumen Metabolism Tracker

We are now able to bring an unprecedented power to monitor and improve our health within the comfort of our homes, thanks to an innovative device named the Lumen Metabolism Tracker. The Lumen device opens a new frontier in personal wellness by harnessing the technology formerly only available in medical facilities.

The pivotal tool used in this ground-breaking device is known as the Respiratory Exchange Ratio (RER), which traditionally necessitated a laborious, expensive clinical test. However, the Lumen device now brings this technology home, through an ingenious process that measures the CO2 concentration in your breath, offering a seamless, affordable alternative to hospital visits.

The technology works with a straightforward breathing exercise, dynamically adapted to each user. By inhaling a set volume of air through the device, holding your breath for 10 seconds and exhaling fully, the Lumen device gauges your unique CO2 range and lung capacity, thus calibrating itself to your personal physiology.

Each morning, this pioneering tool then determines whether your body is using fats or carbs for energy, allowing you to optimise your diet and exercise routines. It’s a revelation in metabolic flexibility, empowering your body to efficiently switch between energy sources.

The science behind the Lumen device has been rigorously tested and validated through peer-reviewed research, establishing it as a reliable and accurate method for measuring metabolism. This revolutionary product is a result of cutting-edge hardware meeting the pinnacle of innovation.

The Lumen Metabolism Tracker’s design is as impressive as its functionality. This award-winning device is sleek and minimalistic, boasting a magnetic cap that accentuates its elegance while combining functionality and style. Despite its compact and lightweight frame, the Lumen device is a robust powerhouse, complete with advanced CO2 sensors and flow meters.

Additionally, the Lumen device is designed for extended use with a Poly Ion battery that only needs a charge once every two weeks, ensuring its longevity even on long trips. Furthermore, it’s ultra-portable and lightweight, easily fitting into your pocket or bag, allowing you to take your wellness routine with you wherever you go.2

Coupled with personalized nutrition recommendations, daily guidance on sleep, diet, exercise, and more, the Lumen Metabolism Tracker is a compelling tool to support your health and wellness journey.

For a limited time, take advantage of our exclusive offer and use the £50 off Lumen Metabolism Tracker Discount Code ‘gymfluencer’ at checkout. It’s time to unlock your metabolism and embrace a healthier, more informed lifestyle.

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