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Joe Fazer

Everything You Need To Know About Joe Fazer

When people think of a fitness influencer, they usually imagine someone shredded to the bone with daunting muscle mass; basically the Larry Wheels-esque physique. Joe Fazer doesn’t have that.

Instead, he has an athletic frame that endears him to most of his audience. And that’s part of why he’s such a unique personality in the fitness space.

Joe Fazer Background

Joe Fazer was born in Nottingham, England and he describes himself as a skinny kid bulking up – which required him to gain over four years of experience in the field of nutrition, fitness, and body training. 

He believes that the countless hours he spent researching diets, exercise regimens, and training plans as a fifteen year old kid have provided him with expertise very few have in the wellness industry! 

The amount of knowledge Joe gained throughout his journey and research has helped him, now, at the age of twenty, to create a conclusive and transformative training guide for everyone focusing on their health.

Joe Fazer 5 Year Body Transformation

Joe Fazer’s Social Media Career

As a YouTube content creator, Instagram influencer, and fitness trainer, Joe Fazer has earned his online fame by posting vlogs of his health and fitness journey. On YouTube alone he has 1.19 million subscribers watching him challenge himself, or share a day in his life. His total views on YouTube have reached over 180 million, and his Instagram boasts over 153,000 followers as well!

Joe Fazer is undoubtedly a successful fitness vlogger, content creator, and social media personality. His Instagram displays him at his peak capacity, always shredded and fit, which shows his dedication to maintaining his health and helping others reach their goals. 

Not only will you see great shots of Joe Fazer flexing his hard-earned musculature, but his fans are also treated to photographs from his travels as well as pictures of his amazing progress!

YouTube Career

The YouTube channel shows how prolific of a creator he is. He has multiple series like ‘Natty or Not’ as well as those that display an entertaining look into the gym life – showcasing the routines of bodybuilders and athletes. 

In his videos, he regularly talks to trainers and those on the path to getting healthy by teaching them to work and learn consistently without fail! This provides his audience with a rare glimpse into his world, the fitness world, and the people in it.

Joe’s biggest debut online was through  a video posted in 2018 called ‘1 Year Body Transformation From Skinny To Muscular (15 years old).’ Since then, it has been viewed over 31 million times and has over 480,000 upvotes! 

Now, he posts challenge videos like his One Rep Maxes where he accomplishes a 180 kilogram (396 lbs) deadlift and 24 dips! Such content has helped inspire many to continue on their fitness journey as Joe regularly showcases the progress that anyone can follow to achieve their physical goals with hard work and determination!

He consistently shares various training routines or diet regimens like ‘My Current Bulking Workout Program’ or ‘My Current Bulking Diet (3500 Calories).’ Then, there are exciting challenge-styles like videos where he eats 10,000 calories and tries to burn them off! You can even watch Joe’s Five Year transformation on his YouTube channel for definitive proof that he means business!

An important part of his channel focuses on serious issues, such as the video where he opens up about his struggles with mental health or discusses the dangers of anabolic steroids. Such discussions are rarely held in the fitness community, which is why Joe’s videos are extremely valuable – they open room for people to talk about their own struggles.

Along with various challenges – like lifting heavy weights, and training his arms for a month – he also helps others on their fitness journey with his invaluable advice. Such evergreen content certainly makes Joe Fazer an important figure in the fitness community, inspiring hundreds and thousands of his loyal fans.

I Challenged A Complete Stranger To a 30 Day Body Transformation

Not only does his channel focus on fitness, diet, and workout routines, but it is also a blast watching him attempt the diets routines of great bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzenegger, or take up challenges such as ‘I Attempted To See How Long I Could Go Without Sleep.’ 

Days in his life, travelogs, and pranks feature regularly on his channel, which makes his content even more interesting in its variety! Moreover, his channel has a plethora of free videos that can help you plan your own workout routine, as well as dietary guidelines for bulking and losing weight.

Virality and Sponsorship

One of his viral trends was logging his food habits in 2019, where he consumed 6000 calories a day to bulk up and build muscle! Such online fame and celebrity have provided him with tremendous success, like a sponsorship with MyProtein Supplements.

Other Online Activities

Joe’s website offers multiple programs that are tailored to helping people achieve their dream physique. He also employs the popular tactic of bundling services together where if you buy several, you’ll get a discount.

Joe Fazer also has a helpful Calorie Calculator on his website that helps you track your caloric intake and basically, empower you for your journey even more.

He has a penchant for showing people that there’s no secret to getting in shape. According to him, “Was there a secret? Nothing other than pesto pasta. No, of course, there wasn’t. I’ve made mistakes and learned from them over a long period of time, and now after making the most gains within the past 6 months than I’ve made in a very long time.

“I feel like I’m in a good enough position to start helping people, like me, achieve the progress they have always struggled to see.”

What Makes Joe Fazer an Influencer to Follow?

Anyone who’s spent any time following fitness influencers will know that not everything is as it seems. With Joe Fazer, what you see seems to be what you get, as he documents his long but rewarding fitness journey from skinny to muscular.

If you’re looking for some online fitness guidance, Joe Fazer is a great person to follow. 

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