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Everything You Need To Know About Krissy Cela & Oner Active

Everything You Need To Know About Krissy Cela & Oner Active

Growing up in an Albanian household where she saw her parents juggle several jobs to keep life’s possibilities open, Krissy Cela is not a stranger to hard work and determination. Oner Active, which provides women with gym wear that makes them feel confident and beautiful while exercising, was co-founded by Krissy to provide stylish, comfortable, and practical designs for different bodies. 

The brand empowers women to keep their possibilities open and explore every avenue available to them regarding beauty and confidence.

Krissy’s fitness journey

Krissy Cela began her fitness journey while studying law by posting on social media to record her progress. Now, she has an online community of over two million people, and it is growing! By providing a space for all women, Krissy’s mission has been to make women feel extraordinary. 

Reaching women from around the world, Krissy Cela has used the Oner Active project to provide designs that last and feel comfortable. 

Oner Active: The Timeless collection

“Pieces that truly withstand the test of time” shows the vision for the new collection – Timeless. With the new Timeless collection, that dream is actually becoming a reality, not just for the brand but for every woman who wears Oner Active products, as well.

The goal had been to provide slender and sleek designs that were also form-fitting and provided support. Timeless also has a strong focus on practicality and function. During the two years it took to design and create the collection, Krissy worked tirelessly with her team to make pieces that fulfilled the brand’s purpose – longevity.

"TIMELESS" | Krissy Cela, Oner Active Documentary

Krissy Cela stresses how health and wellness do not have a time frame. “Therefore, we should pursue and examine how we feel every day, making our wellness journey timeless and everlasting,” according to her. 

Having provided countless women with fitness and training advice, Krissy created the Timeless collection to help women feel confident and proud every day. This collection is an excellent form of inspiration and support for women on their fitness and health journey!

The design process

As there are no quick fixes to wellness or health, the path to creating the Oner Active Timeless Collection ensured that all the details were focused on and improved upon. The two years it took to create pieces to stand the test of time while providing a secure and comfortable fit showed Oner Active the importance of teamwork and collaboration.

Although most Oner Active pieces have been seamless, which means they’re made from one fabric, the Timeless collection provides cut-and-sew designs from many pieces of fabric. 

Perfecting the look, the design, and the fit took a lot of experimentation and work. From improving the design to looking at how the pieces fit various forms, Oner Active worked tirelessly to get the most out of their creations.

Oner Active: The Timeless collection

Krissy Cela is also eager to share her experience collaborating with the models for Oner Active’s Timeless collection, her philosophy always being to nurture the people we work with. 

Key takeaways

  • Krissy Cela’s Timeless collection is born from a fruitful collaboration between her and Oner Active.
  • It is designed for women to look good and feel beautiful while working out, regardless of their body shape or form.
  • The collection has been in development for two years, with each stitch and seam examined with a fine toothcomb
  • Unlike many of Oner Active’s other pieces, the Timeless collection does not feature a seamless design. Instead, extra detail ensured that the new approach lived up to the Oner Active reputation while also delivering on the promise for women.


As many women will testify, Oner Active has helped them with their health and wellness journey. With her social media presence, Krissy Cela has inspired millions as she has shared the ups and downs of her own fitness journey and revealed the hope that women can have the same comfort.

Her TImeless collection with Oner Active is the latest addition to this of powerful tools for women.

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