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Free Gym Passes In London

How To Get Free Gym Passes In London

When it comes to getting a free gym pass in London it’s not actually as hard as you think thanks to Fitness First and Gymfluencers teaming up to make sure that you get to the gym today and don’t spend a single penny doing so.

Free Gym Passes In London

So you’ve stumbled upon this article because you need to get fit or want to get fitter right? We get it! Signing up for a gym can be expensive, a waste of time, or quite intimidating. Ever gone in for a trial day on a free gym pass and thought that all eyes were on you? Don’t worry they were not they probably just heard the door open. What’s important to remember is that everyone in the gym is in the same place and working towards their own goals.

Finding friends in a gym is also likely with like-minded people wanting to help each other with offers to spot you on the weight machine or give you a little tip on their form. Personal trainers will also be on hand if you ever need some help. Never be frightened to ask questions when in the gym. This could make the difference in lifting that extra bit of weight or burning even more calories. Every second counts when you are working out so make sure to maximise your time.

If you are looking to join a gym then it’s always great to try before you buy and that’s where free day passes truly help. When going into a gym for the first time there are certain boxes that need to be ticked including:

Gym Equipment

Cheap, heavily used gym equipment will do nothing to help you achieve your goals, and nor will you want to use them. Fitness First gyms for example only work with the biggest equipment brands in the world that are equipped for high usage and will load as many plates onto them as you can handle.

High-end gym equipment brands you should look out for include Concept2, Technogym, and Hammer Strength.

Free Gym Passes In London

Gym equipment should always be available to use, clean, in great condition, and enough for multiple people to use and train with at the same time. There is nothing worse than trying to do a certain exercise but not having the correct equipment available.

Gym Membership

This is something that people crazily forget to think about before using their free pass! Just how much are gym memberships and can you afford them if you fall in love with the facility? A good gym membership price for an amazing gym should cost anywhere between £60-£120 per month. Anything less than this is a true bargain and you should sign up instantly.

Gym membership options should also be flexible with peak and off-peak plans included plus make sure you check if exercise classes are included as sometimes it’s even more fun to work out in groups rather than just on the step machine on your own (you know who you are!)

You also need to make sure that fitness classes are included and that they have an outdoor gym which is perfect for those hot summer months. Make sure to ask if you can bring a best friend for a joint session and if you need to book classes ahead of time.

Introductory Session

Ever walked into a gym and barely even had a Hello from the receptionist? Yep me too! Many top gyms including Nuffield Health, Anytime Fitness, and Fitness First will all include an introductory session to show you around the facility, teach you how to use the machines, and get you started on your fitness journey.

Free Day Pass users may or may not include this so make sure to ask upon arrival.

Opening Times

If you are a student, working shifts, or have a hectic lifestyle you will need to find a gym that is open at the times you need them to be. Some will be 24 hours which is amazing but it’s worth noting that some may only be open with set times than also change during public holidays or depending on the season.

Joining Fee

Ouch! You have agreed on the membership and there is now a joining fee that you need to pay on top. On top of how to get access to a new gym and gain a great gym membership deal is to sign up to the gym mailing list as near the end of each month many gyms launch no-joining fee promotions to entice you into starting your membership.


Most gyms will be more than happy to give you a tour of their facility before you ever sign up for a trial using a free day gym pass. Non-members should check out the changing rooms, swimming pool, cafe, or anything else that interests them about the gym before signing on the dotted line and starting their long-term gym membership.

Free Gym Passes In London

Fitness Classes

Get the timetable and learn more about the free classes you will be able to join with your new gym membership. Gymgoers live to try classes as they can be quick, intense, and high-calorie burning which is ideal for busy people needing to get back to work or training on their lunch break. Classes including Zumba will help kick-start your fitness journey and have you coming back for consecutive days of fitness classes.

Free Gym Pass

OK, you have read all about what you are looking for and now is the fun part! You can claim free gym passes for London Gyms Here! Simply select your preferred location, fill in the form and enjoy your completely free gym pass for your local gym. The Free passes are each worth £15 and can be used at every Fitness First location including Tottenham Court Road and The Waldorf. You will have unlimited access for one day and you can even tag team the day by inviting a friend to claim their free gym pass!

Free gym passes will always be the ultimate way to decide if you like the gym or not. If you don’t then simply try another facility by claiming another free day pass. It’s important to make sure that you are happy before signing up for a full gym membership. Make sure to ask all of the questions above to ensure you don’t end up paying for a membership that doesn’t suit you.

Gym Bag Necessities

So you have claimed your free London gym pass and you are ready to go hard but you don’t have any gear? Here are the top 5 things to pack in your gym bag:

  1. Water or a great hydration product. The vending machines will likely charge you an absolute fortune for a Lucozade or posh bottle of water so make sure to buy a reusable water bottle that you fill up before you leave. Hydration products are also great as they are easy to carry with you and fill your body with needed electrolytes during your session.
  2. Towel. Yep, a good towel! You are likely going to get hot or sweaty so make sure you have a handy towel to help clean you and the gym equipment after every completed set.
  3. Activewear. The best quality activewear will be needed. Go for something that fits well, is secure, and won’t ruin even your hardest workouts. Brands including lululemon, Gymshark, and Under Armour are fan favourites but you can also find some incredible small brands founded in the UK Here.
  4. Snacks! Don’t laugh! You will need a snack when in the gym just encase your blood sugar levels drop or you just feel a little sick after a big set or fast run on the treadmill. Protein bars will always be your best bet as they contain very little or no sugar and won’t ruin your macros for the day. Why not try a new brand like Mountain Joe’s which is creating the most delicious bars on the market right now?
  5. Headphones. Each to their own but here at Gymfluencers we love to put our headphones in, turn up the music and smash our free gym session.
Free Gym Passes In London

So that’s it. You are all ready to go and take on your new gym. We wish you the best of luck and know you are going to smash it.

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