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konstantin's home gym

Konstantin Home Gym: INSANE Cost Revealed

Popular Youtuber, Konstantin, recently shared on his Youtube channel how much he spent renovating an old room in his house, turning it into a home gym. The total amount spent on Konstantin’ Home Gym cost a whooping sum of £21,798.14.

The Total Cost to Build my HOME GYM

According to him, the room needed thorough renovation which cost him a grand total of £12,905.19. Here’s a breakdown of the renovation costs

  1. Waterproof membrane: £49
  2. Chipboard flooring: £588 for 28 pieces
  3. Fixings and hardware: £334.47
  4. Window boards: £53.20
  5. Waterprohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mnp8zD1sGbMof membrane for the walls: £101.18
  6. Timber framing: £449.30
  7. Insulation: £211.69
  8. LED lighting: £216.36 for 6 panels
  9. Plasterboards: £251.40
  10.  Plastering labour and materials: £650
  11.  Composite door: £557
  12.  Ballet bar: £218.40
  13.  Wireless charger: £65.97
  14.  Vinyl flooring: £1503.47
  15.  Cove lighting: £44.09
  16.  LED strips: £650
  17.  Skirting: £51.60
  18.  Speakers: £659 plus an additional £111.60
  19.  Floating TV unit: £190
  20.  Cabinet and storage: £341
  21.  Painting: £70
  22.  Fridge: £170.96
  23.  AC and heating (labour included): £2015.15
  24.  TV: £579
  25.  Mirrors: £2300.17

Other things included plant walls, blinds, linen boxes, wire connectors, and plugs which costs £486.35

Moving on to gym equipment, Konstantin spent a grand total of £8892.95 on acquiring cardio and strength training equipment with the Inspire FT1 Functional Trainer costing £2499.99. Also, he spent £2545 on the Pelton treadmill and £1000.99 on the Primal Pro half rack.

Although setting up his home gym was quite expensive, Konstantin admits it was worth every penny. Here’s a link to the full video on his YouTube channel.

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