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Who Is TeamRICHEY?

Who Is TeamRICHEY?

Successful YouTube duo and CrossFit power couple Team RICHEY are dominating the fitness world. If you are even a tiny bit interested in CrossFit, chances are you would have already heard about Craig Richey and TeamRICHEY girlfriend Jasmine Cabourn, who together have inspired hundreds of thousands of people to become fitter and healthier through the power of video. With a number of nifty little side projects too, including their very own CrossFit clothing brand, TeamRICHEY is inspiring the fitness world to “hustle” and improve their lives one barbell at a time. Here’s everything you need to know about them.

Craig & Jas

Craig Richey is a man of many talents. He is a highly entertaining content creator, team training programming expert, successful clothing and coffee entrepreneur, and an accomplished athlete. CrossFit is Craig’s foundation, but in January 2022 he also became the British Weightlifting Champion in the 89kg class. Incredibly, this was his first ever meet, having only turned to weightlifting in 2021. It’s almost as though Craig is unaware of what “limit” means. It is clear that he has always been passionate about CrossFit, and fitness overall, and is keen to remind people how they can use the sport to create the best versions of themselves.

Not to be outdone, the other half of TeamRICHEY – Jas Cabourn – is also an impressive athlete and thriving entrepreneur. Her own YouTube channel, Who’s Jas, has amassed 15.9k subscribers who can enjoy effective home workout videos which don’t take too much time out of your day. Jas is also co-owner of TeamRICHEY’s clothing brand HSTL Made and is smashing the CrossFit world as both a trainer and inspirational influencer.


Craig set up TeamRICHEY’s YouTube in 2014, and now he and his partner Jas have over 341k subscribers and over 100 million views in total. Their content ranges from how-to fitness tutorials to vlogs of their daily lives, travels and competitions. It is considered to be one of the most popular sources of CrossFit content and is highly respected within the community. Their most popular video – with over 1.4 million views – shows Craig training with Mat Fraser – the fittest man on earth, and they’ve also featured athletes such as Eddie Hall, Rich Froning and Tia Toomey. TeamRICHEY’s videos are the perfect balance of entertaining, intriguing and informative. They also cover current events and news in the CrossFit space to give you a deep insight into the world of lifting and callisthenics.


HSTL Made and HSTL Coffee

In 2017, TeamRICHEY embarked on their next exciting chapter and launched HSTL made, a clothing brand for CrossFit. Upon launch, Craig explained that he wanted to create more than just clothes with a label printed on them. He envisioned a brand that would fit well and last and would make people want to “hustle” in creating the best versions of themselves. Since then the brand has grown to offer more than just workout clothes – weighted vests and grip tape are also bestsellers on their website. As if selling clothes wasn’t enough, HSTL has now expanded into coffee too! HSTL Coffee Company trades flame-roasted, ethically sourced coffee, full of flavour with a rich enhanced aroma. The HSTL brand is certainly making its mark on the fitness world!

Team Training Programming

Just to add even more to their repertoire, both halves of TeamRICHEY are coaches with Team Training Programme. TTP offers programmes designed for everyone, with the aim of developing skills in weightlifting, endurance, biking, gymnastics, strength, and nutrition. Focusing on strength and energy, TTP aims to find balance for athletes of all levels – from beginner through to professional – with affordability and easy access. At just £14.99 per month, their programmes are varied so that you can find one to suit you.


While TeamRICHEY doesn’t have its own podcast, they have featured episodes of many other fitness podcasters that you can easily find if you want to find out more about them. They joined Sean Woodward and Tommy Marquez on Talking Elite Fitness (a popular CrossFit podcast) in which they chatted about how they became YouTube vloggers, and their passion for Health and Fitness, HSTL.MADE clothing and how it feels to be the biggest names in CrossFit. They’ve also been featured on Kettlebells and Cocktails with John Wooley and Niki Brazier and discussed how they were handling lockdown as athletes and as vloggers.

TeamRICHEY is certainly one of the biggest names in the CrossFit space and it’s easy to see why – Jas and Craig both work extremely hard across their entire brand to promote positive attitudes towards fitness. They are passionate about helping others to better themselves through CrossFit and exercise and it seems they have a bright future of inspiring athletes ahead of them.

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