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Ankle Weights Surge Back Into Popularity Thanks To AMP Wellbeing

Ideal ankle weights are lightweight training devices that greatly improve your fitness during everyday activities. Daily exercises with quality products like AMP Wellbeing’s Ankle weights can certainly help you gradually burn fat and stay in great shape all day!

What’s more? These quality ankle weights are available now at 20% off using our AMP discount code GR20.

AMP’s ankle weights also come in different colours and sizes to help strengthen your muscles, improve your balance, help you burn fat, and keep you in great shape. AMP Wellbeing’s products, including ankle weights, are designed to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle from the comfort of your home. 

AMP Wellbeing Makes Healthy Lifestyles Easier

If you haven’t already heard of AMP Wellbeing, they are highly regarded as the number one lifestyle partner for thousands of customers using their home gyms to keep fit and healthy. 

As we constantly navigate critical life changes like new jobs, becoming a parent, and ageing, round trips to the gym every day become exhausting. Thankfully, AMP Wellbeing is helping thousands to achieve and maintain their body confidence goals from the comfort of their homes. 

Their product line includes excellent ankle weights, dumbbell hand weights, natural soy wax candles, yoga mats, resistance bands, hand weights, and much more. All the products are designed to keep you at peak physical and mental health throughout your home workouts. 

We’re talking about their ankle weights in this post, which is great because these products are amazing! AMP Wellbeing’s ankle weights are designed to serve the growing need for fun, functional weights that fit each person’s unique lifestyle and home. They are on a mission to motivate and inspire you to dedicate yourself to your fitness and well-being and enjoy it every day. 

The Amazing Benefits of AMP Wellbeing’s Ankle Weights

2 lb Ankle Weights (White and Pink Colours)

Incorporating AMP Wellbeing’s 2 lb ankle weights into your workout routine, particularly when your workout times are short, is greatly beneficial. They allow you to maximise everyday activities like walking and running to help you gain strength and look good.

AMP Wellbeing’s Ankle weights can be used to increase leg resistance, build muscle, have effective workout sessions and maximise your yoga strength and flex.

We are particularly fond of the 2 lb ankle weights because they are simple and stylish, and help take exercise and workouts to the next level. They are made of durable and soft silicone covering stainless steel with adjustable weighted bars. The Velcro fastening allows for easy use and adjustment. They are also quite comfortable to wear and sweat and odour resistant.

4lb ankle weights (sage green and black colours)

Add 4 lb ankle weights to your workout when you feel ready to advance to something heavier and burn more calories.  They are great for walking, running, yoga, lunges, side leg raises, and other everyday routines to keep your muscle mass strong and physique toned. 

They have a simple and stylish design and are pretty comfortable to wear despite the extra weight.

What are The Best Ankle Weight Exercises?

Let’s quickly go over some highly beneficial exercises you can do with ankle weights.

Single-leg Bridge

Hip exercise - single leg bridge

Perform this exercise by lying on your back and bringing your heels to your hips. Then, move a leg up and extend straight while the non-extended leg is pressed evenly against the floor. This will allow you to contract your glutes from your side and return your hips back and forth on the ground.

The Hamstring Curl


This exercise is great for keeping your hamstrings healthy and fit. To do this, lie on your stomach, with your toes planted to the floor and your legs extended behind. Stretch out your arms straight to maintain stability. 

Then slowly curl your legs by bending them at the knee, forming a 90-degree angle with the floor. Ensure your hips and pelvis remain stationary on the ground for proper form.

The Hip Abduction to the Side

Side Lying Ankle Weight Hip Abduction

To do the hip abduction, lay flat on your side with your hand supporting your head and the other hand and  elbow on the ground. Bend your lower leg at 90 degrees for support. Keep the other leg straight and raise slowly to contract your glute at the top.

How to Choose the Right Ankle Weight for You

The right ankle weight depends on what type of fitness routine is ideal for you. It is recommended getting the 2 lb weight size if you want to do lots of walking, aerobics, and routine for calorie burn. They are light, so you don’t need to worry too much about straining your muscles and joints. They are also the recommended choice for beginners. 

These ankle weights are perfect for beginners with higher endurance and resistance levels. AMP Wellbeing’s Ankle weights have 4 lb weights that you can easily incorporate into your fitness routine jogging, leg squats, leg exercises, and leg extensions at just £40. 

You can also get 20% off your ankle weight with the discount code GR20. Take your fitness regimen and lifestyle goals to the next level today. Visit Amp Wellbeing to shop for quality ankle weights now

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