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New Health Elixir on the Market: Applied Nutrition’s Flavoured Critical Greens for the Veggie-Challenged

If you’re like me, a busy professional who struggles with the daily grind and routinely fails to get the recommended five servings of fruits and vegetables per day, here is a silver lining. Applied Nutrition has announced the release of their latest innovative product – Flavoured Critical Greens. It’s a game-changer for those of us for whom eating healthy is more a chore than a joy.

Crafted with expertise and diligence, the Flavoured Critical Greens powder boasts a powerful blend of 17 super green extracts, featuring nutrient-dense vegetables like broccoli, celery, spinach, wheatgrass, and kale. This jam-packed concoction is not just a mundane health supplement but a tasty treat that gives your daily diet a much-needed green boost.

critical greens

But why trust Applied Nutrition? They bring science to the table, creating evidence-based supplements that are both trustworthy and reliable. All ingredients are thoroughly evaluated, scrutinised and analysed before they make their way into your tub of Flavoured Critical Greens. The company thrives on their promise of constant evolution, continually testing, trialling and developing products to exceed your expectations.

Perhaps one of the best things about the Flavoured Critical Greens is its taste, subtly flavoured with apple burst or lemon and lime. Think of it as a scrumptious smoothie, rather than a health supplement. It’s a treat your taste buds will thank you for!

Getting your daily dose of Flavoured Critical Greens is a breeze. Just mix one level scoop (5g) with 250ml of cold water, shake and consume. You can even add it to your favourite smoothie or protein shake for an additional nutritional boost.

With a recommended consumption of one serving per day, it’s a sure-fire way to support your five-a-day. However, while it is delicious, it is advised not to exceed 800mg of EGCG per day and avoid consumption on an empty stomach.

critical greens

The Flavoured Critical Greens blend is not only suitable for vegans and vegetarians but also comes with a Halal certification. Every ingredient is meticulously chosen and monitored through Applied Nutrition’s quality management system to assure customers of its superior quality. The final products are produced and packaged in an ISO 22000, BRC, GMP & Halal accredited laboratory.

So, for those of us who find it hard to incorporate enough fruits and veggies into our meals, the new Flavoured Critical Greens offers a simple, tasty, and scientifically-backed way to top up those missing nutrients. Here’s to a healthier lifestyle without the hassle!

Visit the website here now to shop.

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