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Before Bed Protein Powder Review: MyProtein Casein

Hello, my fellow fitness warriors!

We all know the drill: workout, recover, repeat. But have you ever stopped to think about how crucial nighttime recovery is? Well, that’s exactly what I’m here to dive into today with my latest obsession: MyProtein’s Slow-Release Casein. It’s the bedtime lullaby your muscles have been dreaming of.

What’s the Lowdown on Slow-Release Casein? 

Slow-Release Casein, in essence, is like the superhero of milk protein powders, donning a cape and swooping in to ensure a slow and steady protein supply while you’re lost in dreamland. It’s like having a tiny personal trainer working on your muscles throughout the night, so you wake up feeling on top of the world.

The Benefits Breakdown 

Here’s what you’re looking at when you cozy up with a mug of this stuff:

  • A whopping 23g of protein per serving. Muscle maintenance? Check.
  • A complete amino acid profile for a comprehensive formula. Balanced nutrition? Check.
  • Slow digestion and absorption, ensuring sustained protein delivery as you snooze. Long-lasting gains? Check.

Who’s It For? 

Honestly? It’s for all of us chasing those fitness dreams. Whether you’re doing HIIT, weightlifting, yoga, or even if you’re just an active individual. And hey, all my vegetarian friends, rejoice! This protein powder doesn’t contain any meat-derived ingredients, so you can boost that protein intake sans the guilt. Plus, gluten-free squad, you’re covered too.

Taste Test

Now, for the fun part. The flavours are chef’s kiss. From indulgent Chocolate to luscious Strawberry, classic Vanilla, and for those who want to channel their inner mixologist, there’s an Unflavoured variant too. Perfect base for those wild protein shake creations!

Usage Tips 

Here’s my pro-tip: Mix up 1 1/4 large scoops (about 30g) with some water or milk in your trusty Myprotein shaker about half an hour before you hit the sack. But, if you’re feeling adventurous or need an extra protein kick during the day, have at it whenever!

Final Thoughts 

If you’re serious about your fitness journey and want to maximize those night-time recovery hours, Slow-Release Casein is a no-brainer. It’s like tucking your muscles into bed with a story and a lullaby.

Oh, and before I bounce – use our discount code MYPGYM for a cool 38% off. It’s like sweet dreams, but for your wallet. Visit the MyProtein website here now to shop.

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