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Caroline Girvan

Caroline Girvan Launches The Iron Series Workout Program

If you are new to training or ready to take your fitness to the next level Caroline Girvan is the ultimate online coach who will help you get the results you need.

Caroline Girvan

Caroline Girvan is one of the biggest fitness influencers in the world across YouTube, Instagram and other social media outlets. She has appeared in Vogue and is know as one of the best instructors online. From Ireland, she specialises in HIIT and dumbbell workouts. A few accolades she boasts includes 10+ years certified personal trainer and NASM Nutrition coach along with being a mum of 2!

Caroline Girvan

We have followed the EPIC ENDGAME series where Caroline released a staggering 50 videos across 50 days which helped you achieve the body you have always dreamt of. Workouts offered in this series included:

  1. EMOMS
  2. Supersets
  3. HIIT
  4. Dumbbell
  5. Bodyweight

It was an all rounded of a series and we have missed it! That’s until Caroline just launched the IRON series which is the next level up and is ensured to burn all of the right muscle groups! Video one is a 30 minute leg workout which after doing ourselves we can guarantee that you won’t walk the same for a day or two…it was brutal but wow what a pump!

IRON Series 30 Min Leg Workout - Dumbbell Leg Day | 1

You can watch all of Caroline Girvan’s videos on her YouTube channel and follow her journey on Instagram.

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