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Dorian Yates Talks Ayahuasca, Steroids & Cannabis

Dorian Yates Talks Ayahuasca, Steroids & Cannabis

What made Dorian Yates the idolised bodybuilder and six time Mr. Olympia was a strategic and methodical approach to his training and his diet which always included taking his body to the absolute limits and training harder than anyone else was in the gym. Appearing on the TrueGeordie podcast, Dorian surprised us all when he opened up about his Ayahuasca spiritual retreats, use of cannabis and how his once 100% everything has to make sense approach is now more free spirited and open to trying new things.

Throughout the TrueGeordie podcast, Dorian Yates also breaks down the use of PEDs, steroids and admits to using Insulin during a part of his bodybuilding career but warned of the side effects of this that include it knocking an expected 10 years off your life expectancy. Currently 59 years old, Dorian Yates also mentioned how he knows of over 50 professional Bodybuilders who died due to the strain they put on their bodies and drugs they were taking. This includes Mike Matarazzo who died age 48 due to a heart attack, Dallas McCarver who died aged 26 due to a respiratory infection and Daniele Seccarecci who died age 33 due to a heart attack after years of steroid abuse.

Gaining the ultimate body for Dorian was always his passion and he put this down to how during his time of growing up the main characters on TV were played by Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger who embodied the muscled body look.

Dorian Yates talks Ayahuasca which is a spiritual retreat where you take a psychoactive brew made by plants and surround yourself with coaches and like minded people. During Dorian’s time at Ayahuasca he mentions how he went into a deep state and spoke to the plant which told him to use less cannabis. Being a cannabis user, Dorian didn’t know how much he should use until the plant asked him “Is water good? Is it still good if you’re drowning in it?”. This to Dorian made him aware that cannabis is a good thing for him but to not build his day around it and to use it only when needed and in smaller doses.

Dorian Yates continues to inspire the world of bodybuilding with his workouts, gym appearances and gymwear/supplement products.

DORIAN YATES | True Geordie Podcast #148

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