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DR.VEGAN Launch The Ultimate Gut Health Bundle

DR.VEGAN® Launch The Ultimate Gut Health Bundle

When consuming food on prep, over eating, under eating and workout out hard we often tend to forget about our gut health. DR.VEGAN launch the ultimate gut health bundle to help with digestion, immunity, organ health and brain support.

Ever drink a protein shake and feel instantly sick? Spend a bit too much time worrying about your sore stomach? It’s due to your digestion and general gut health not being healthy or being looked after properly. We as people often neglect the most important things and trust us gut health is that.

DR.VEGAN Launch The Ultimate Gut Health Bundle

Symptoms of bad gut health include:

  1. Upset stomach.
  2. Unintentional weight change.
  3. Skin irritation.
  4. Food intolerances.
  5. Sickness.

There are many ways to restore gut health including improving your diet, getting better sleep and reducing stress. If these ways are failing you a supplement such as DR.VEGAN Gut Works will certainly help.

DR.VEGAN Launch The Ultimate Gut Health Bundle

The gut health bundle includes a 30 day supple of Gut Works and Debloat & Detox supplements which are taken in pill form. One of each pill can drastically improve your gut health with many seeing results in the first week.

These products are science-baked, including 50 billion live cultures, contain zero bulking or animal products, easily digested, recommended by nutritionists and on top of gut health it will help with skin, brain and immune health.

With a cost of just over £1 per day (£32.99) it’s an affordable way to make sure your gut is in the best shape it can be. You can also use our DR.VEGAN® discount code DR15 for a further 15% off Here. On top of this postage is free and is delivered straight through your post box!

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